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As we discussed yesterday, the PLRI does not see burning people to death as “horrific” or even repulsive. They see it as necessary and beneficial. Hundreds of WOMEN HAVE BEEN BURNED TO DEATH by the PLRI and its adherents over th

e past few years, in what is an actual “war on women,” as opposed to the pretend war on women by the GOP. Pamela Geller pointed out the tweets of the documents which cited the actions of Mohamed himself in burning “apostates,” which the PLRI definition of which is pretty broad.

Conspiracy-filmIf you haven’t seen the film, “Conspiracy,” I wish that you would. It is a hard and disturbing film. It is an offensive film, but it is a portrayal of the men who sat around a table and decided the fate of millions of people using what they had decided were legal means and rationalizations. In the same vein, the PLRI seeks to justify its murderous rampage. History doesn’t allow us to ignore the past. Things happen over and again because people don’t change. Evil is what it is, and will always be.

We cannot un-know what we know about the situation in Syria/Iraq. So what will we do?

Speaking of evil, choosing your friends wisely can be beneficial later on when other friendly nations start ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR 9/11 CONNECTIONS. The Saudis are starting to feel the heat for their support of terrorism, even if it is – as they claim – unintentional.

Governor Brown has weighed in the vaccination debate, making it clear that HE SUPPORTS LIMITING THE PERSONAL BELIEF EXEMPTION. Both of the States Senators have also stated their support for eliminating the exemption. This was on the heels of State Senator Pan introduced legislation to eliminate the exemption here in the State of California.

Meanwhile, the States Attorney General and future Senator Kamala Harris has decided to APPEAL THE FOIE GRAS BAN RULING. Because everything else has been solved. 

The States Democratic Legislators are gearing up to introduce legislation that will INCLUDE A MANDATE FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY. Because all the other problems, like revenge porn, and land for their High Speed Choo Choo train, are solved.


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