PLP02 – Our Beds Are Burning

February 04, 2015

PLP02 – How Do we Sleep while Our Beds Are Burning?

borderlands-booksJordan executes two AQ terrorists in response to the burning death of its Pilot at the hands of ISIL; Comparing human depravity throughout history and the response of leaders; Does ISIL represent a National Security Threat to the United States? Waterford Councilman stabbed in robbery; The Vaccination debate; To Kill a Mockingbird sequel; San Francisco’s $15/hour minimum wage; The Mail Bag; Closing


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  1. San Fran is one of those places that progresses itself into oblivion. Why do people piss in the streets there? Nowhere else to use the bathroom. Homeless everywhere because progressive hipsters have jacked up housing prices and people can’t find work because the “living wage” is so high. It’s a nice place to visit, if you can overlook the vagrancy, but hell to live in. One of my most lasting memories of San Fran was a group of gay white men mocking an inarticulate and crack-deformed black beggar; there, I thought, but for the grace of God goes the rest of the country.

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