How Do We Sleep While Our Beds Are Burning?

safe_imageAt dawn in Amman, Jordan (appx 20:25 our time), JORDAN EXECUTED TWO ISIL TERRORISTS in response to the IS video of the execution by fire of the F-16 Pilot. Most analysis seems to lean towards the video being a month old, with most believing that the Pilot was executed on January 3rd, but it took time to put together the slick twenty plus minute IS recruitment video that contains the horrifying footage of the man being burned to death. I would recommend that you do watch it. why? Because it’s important to understand the nature of the threat we face.

Think about this for a moment or two. In 1943 people already knew about the horrors of the Nazi Concentration Camps and the beginning of the mechanized Holocaust. There had been rumors, reports, eye-witnesses and so on. But for the Allies, the human tragedy that was taking place was secondary to the politics and issues of the war. It wasn’t until 1945, when the camps began to be liberated, that the full measure of the tragedy became apparent.

Today, we have much more opportunity to learn about and understand the human toll being taken by people who literally have the same goal that the Nazi’s had – extermination of those who oppose them. we know that there have been mass murders, and repulsive ‘executions” by an unrecognized governmental system, the IS. We know, and we cannot un-know. What will we do about it?

Perhaps this is the moment for the debate over National Security issues? Pure Libertarians will proclaim that we cannot, should not and better not intervene in any way. In fact, they will – if experience holds true – explain that the reason ISIL is killing people is because of us.

Leftists (ala Beckel) will proclaim that President Obama is acting with strength and has already defeated the Junior Varsity team, and that there is no threat whatsoever from them, so there’s no sense in worrying about it.

The Right says that we are not doing enough, and seeks to widen the conflict.

Who is right? what are the National Security interests of the United States and our people?

What do you think? Is there a national security interest in defeating ISIL? Should we expand the conflict? Should that include ground troops? How much sacrifice is acceptable? You can text or Voice Mail me at 565-DAVE, or eMail me at

The Bee is concerned about “NOT HAVING SAFER RAILROAD CARS,” but for some reason is still okay with passenger trains whipping about the State at 200mph on tracks built by the company with the lowest safety and technical bid score (but with the highest political patronage score).

If you missed the first series of “Benefits Street,” you may not know that it caused an uproar when audiences began to see the people who were living on the welfare dole, and their lifestyles and attitudes. The first series took place in Birmingham, but the SECOND SERIES WILL BE FILMED IN STOCKTON. Now granted, not our Stockton, but a Stockton in England. The series is interesting not for the portrayal of the people involved, but to me, the reactions of viewers is fascinating. Liberals refuse to believe that people being given free stuff will behave this way. Rightist crow that this is what’s wrong with the whole system. The filmmakers, of course, picked cases that showed the extremes to either way because they want ratings and ads. But it’s still worth the watch if you can find it on the BBC.

The podcast will be released at 3pm today, streamed at the link above and on demand. There is still time for you to give me your thoughts and opinions at 565-DAVE!


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