Small Pox

Yesterday was a blast! Thank you to everybody who listened, commented, shared and liked!

I was wiped out last night. There was a lot that went into yesterdays show, and especially being the first one, there were things that didn’t quite work as designed or anticipated, some stress, and then Cami wanted to do our taxes after the whole thing. I was pretty toasted when I finally went to bed late last night. When I got this morning, I had an eMail inbox full of wonderful, interesting and even cogent comments and questions from listeners., It was refreshing and exciting!

Thank you!

Throwing fuel on the fire, Hillary R. Clinton SENT OUT A TWEET THAT VACCINES WORK. Oddly enough, the GOP exploratory Candidates don’t seem willing to say anything that could nail their trousers to the mast. This is going to be one of those eye-roller issues about the GOP. Those who refuse to comment, or who come out against vaccinations will be portrayed as anti-science, just like on evolution or contraception. For my part, I do not believe that the evidence shows that vaccinations cause autism, nor that there is a danger from them that necessitates their avoidance. However, there are those who do believe those things. So the question becomes where is the line between public safety and liberty? Liberty, by the by, as seen by the Framers, is NOT anarchy. It is NOT “every man doing what is right in his own eyes.” Is there a role for vaccinations in a large population?

Immunizations_during_WW_I_from_CMHJust as a reminder, General Washington had his troops vaccinated for small pox. The rumors were that the British had used germ warfare and intentionally spread the disease through the Colonies. True or not, the General took action and had our Army vaccinated, even though the numbers indicated that as many as 2% of those vaccinated could die. There are always risks to EVERY decision.

My decision, based on the evidence, is that I and my son will be vaccinated.

Let me hear your decision and reasoning, leave me a voice mail at 565-DAVE.

The question I still have with regards to the Modesto Police and the House Party remains, is it really likely that there was absolutely nothing to cause a reasonable Police Officer to suspect that something was going on that needed to be looked into? Look, the mother in this incident is 100% the reason it happened, she’s a dolt and a fool. The other side of the coin is that you can find every day reports of Officers who decide to search with what they believe at the time is proper justification, and later it gets questioned. I just have a hard time visualizing what we are told happened not having some element of questionable behavior that would have provided cause for a search. I am, of course, willing to accept arguments in favor of ignoring the incident and leaving. I also accept the premise that the story may be inaccurate, that is that the things we are told happened were not in fact, happening when the Officers were there. When I was a teenager, if a Police Officer showed up, we were all instantly on our best behavior. Have kids changed that much today that they would taunt Officers?

So let’s postulate what happens in my process. The Officers observe what appear to be drunken minors. They enter the residence and find that in fact, there is alcohol and drugs being consumed by minors. There is no adult supervision. In the process, they discover that the 17 year old resident of the home has been threatened and compelled to be quiet. Are you, as the DA, going to pursue charges against the Officers for an improper search? If a civil suit is filed, are you as a jury, going to find for the plaintiff? If so, why?

In Stockton, a Police Officer, who also happens to be the President of the police Officers Union, has had a COMPLAINT FILED FOR AN IMPROPER STRIP SEARCH on a 14 year old male. The boy had been involved in a fight at school, and the Officer believed that the boy might have had a weapon.

10922622_10155218742335192_625795605671652384_nI cannot believe that we are still picking apart the reasons for Pete Carroll’s throwing away of the Super Bowl. Look folks, in a world where the chess players are Pete Carroll against Bill Belicheck, ALWAYS bet on Belicheck. But the meme’s are hysterical.

The University of Pacific has postulated and reported that THE VALLEY ECONOMY WILL CONTINUE TO RECOVER. The problem is, and I have no explanation as to why, they did NOT calculate what would happen if the drought continues. So which is more likely: the economy will steadily “recover” here, or, the drought will continue?

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Have a great day everybody!


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