Only The Beginning

The big day is finally here!

In just a couple of hours, I will sit down in here and record the show, the first Dave Bowman Show Podcast. While I won’t have live phones today, the hope is that if my phone company (which shall remain nameless, but it rhymes with “Verizon” can get its act together), we soon will. eventually we will move to live streaming of the show, but for now, just On Demand Podcasts.

The shows will be available on this website. On the Menu Bar above there is a link for the podcasts. You’ll be able to get them via iTunes or the XML Feed. On that, you can simply “right-click” and “save as” to store them for your listening time. The plan is to release the podcast at 3pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, along with some other podcasts as we get those in the pipeline as they become available.

As you look at the days news and events, you are welcome to still participate. The text machine IS OPEN as is the VOICE MAIL on which you can leave me your thoughts and comments. If you want them to be a part of any given show, try to leave them before 10am, but they are always welcome! That number is, and will always be: 209-565-DAVE (3283)

The biggest change you will notice is that I WILL read eMail. I won’t promise that I will care about all of them, but I will read them. You can send them to:

I am pretty excited about this, and happy to be behind the microphone again. Thank you to all of you who texted, called, eMailed and Facebooked your support and encouragement. This is a whole new ballgame, and while we will not be “starting over,” we are certainly moving onward and upwards!

BILLSUPEAh, the Super Bowl. First off, I’ve been looking at the records and while it may have happened, I can’t find any record of a previous ejection from a Super Bowl, as happened last night in the final seconds when Seattle’s BRUCE IRVIN WAS EJECTED AFTER INSTIGATING A FIGHT. Frankly, that was an embarrassment that the NFL did not need, and made the Seahawks look like whiny sore losers. It wasn’t like the Patriots got some amazing lucky break or Refs call to win. They took the game away when Seattle’s Coach, who immediately threw everybody else under the bus and claimed that he “had nothing to do with it”, called the most boneheaded play in the history of the NFL with 30 seconds left. There was something of note here, however, that I don’t want to let pass. Normally the NFL assesses “offsetting penalties” in this kind of situation, much to the chagrin and disgust of most fans and analysts who can clearly see who started the whole kerfuffle. Last night, first time Super Bowl Ref Bill Vinovich got it dead right. He called the Seahawks for the fight, and ejected the instigator with just seconds left in the game. The Refs get a lot of crap, rightfully so, sometimes, but they got this one dead on balls accurate. And for what it’s worth, they should do that in the regular season as well. More ejections and players will start thinking twice about fighting. 

Otherwise, it was a fantastic game, and in the end, Tom Brady showed why he is Tom Brady. And You’re not.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit down at lunch with Manmeet Grewal and chat about what he sees as the biggest issues facing the City of Modesto. Now he has penned a piece for the Modesto Bee (HERE) in which he lays out his vision for the City’s future. I am going to say two things here. First, I was impressed with Manmeet, and we had a great conversation in which I found him knowledgeable and experienced. Don’t dismiss him – he is a Modestoon and has been all his life, and he is involved in things you probably don’t have any idea are even going on in the City. Secondly, he wants to be more involved and you’ll be hearing more from him sooner rather than later. Is he “perfect?” No. Nobody is. But if the City’s future is to be the hands of other people, I’d rather see men and women like Manmeet stepping up, than the same old, same old.

(As a side note, we also had a great conversation about his religion. I have long been fascinated by the Sikh, and Manmeet was very willing to talk to me about the faith.)

The “Clash” continues over a recent incident in Modesto in which a House Party became destructive while the Police simply would not enter the property. The homeowner, who’s 17 year old son was left in charge, says that the Police should have broken things up earlier. Chief Carroll says that SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE RESPONSIBLE about who she left in charge of her home. Who do you think is right and why? (565-DAVE, voice mail and Text)

Did anybody else notice that THE PRESIDENT IS PROPOSING A TEN-YEAR BUDGET? Look, the one year Budget thing is a mess, and I agree that longer range planning is needed. However, a 10 year budget? Imagine the control and programming that an outgoing lame-duck President could insert into that if he had a Congress willing to roll over for him and not fight for its “core beliefs.” By the by, in case you missed this over the weekend, the Presidents Chicago based Community Organizing “Barak Obama Foundation,” has a new slogan. Are you ready for this? “EIGHT YEARS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING.”

Get ready for the future!


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