Pro-Anti-Being For the Against Position

jTCm6California has declared ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES A HEALTH HAZARD. This means that your tax dollars will now be spent by State Health Officials to “educate” you on the dangers of the Vape because you are too stupid to make the choice for yourself. Look, I hate smoking. I’ve made that clear. But within the context of your own closed loop atmosphere, it’s your choice. To my own personal point of mind, Vapers are just obnoxious smokers who want to flaunt that they aren’t smoking, they are “vaping” in places where smoking isn’t permitted. But the bigger issue is that if State Health Officials are really that concerned about the dangers of e-cigs, shouldn’t they be suing the baajeebees out of the E-Cig companies? Some have noted that the attempt by Senator Mark “I Know What’s Best For You” Leno REDEFINES WORDS TO BAN THEM.

The vaccination debate is about to turn even uglier after the Disneyland Measles outbreak. If you are on Facebook you already know this, as the anti-vax posts are legion, followed by the anti-anti-vax posts and pro-vax posts quickly countered by the anti-pro-vax posts. In this case, a man with a child who is in remission from leukemia is PUSHING TO HAVE THE PARENTAL “PERSONAL BELIEF” EXEMPTION from vaccination and then sending their children where his child, who has a suppressed immune system is going to be.

In Stockton, local African-American leaders have announced that they HAVE SEVEN RULES FOR OFFICER INVOLVED SHOOTINGS that they DEMAND be followed in the aftermath of an Officer shooting a black person. According to Chief Jones, some of the demands are already in place, but he will review the rest.

The Kepler mission has DISCOVERED A PLANETARY SYSTEM more than 11 Billion years old (or 5,900, depending on which side of the debate you’re on).

Story making the internet rounds today that barely deserves comment is from Gustine, TX, where School Officials DEPANTED MORE THAN TWENTY STUDENTS because they found crap on the gym floor. So these geniuses decided they way to find out “who dun’it” was to inspect the children’s pants. I could spend a few hundred words outlining the stupidity of this move, but let’s just go with Superintendent Ken Baugh who said, (with a heavy Texas accent), “That’s not appropriate.”


Just hangin out with the local Emir

Speaking of Internet posts, MICHELLE OBAMA DIDN’T COVER HER HEAD in Saudi Arabia. This has caused a great uproar amongst both our close “Friends,” the Saudi’s, and Conservatives who haven’t been paying attention for the last six years. What in anybody’s mind made anybody think that (a) Michelle Obama gives a damn about PLRI “customs” or (b) that she even KNOWS what those customs are? You think that paying $100K+/year for a Protocol Manager for her is going to be enough to educate her as to what is and is not acceptable in other nations? On the other hand, is it even remotely possible that she was “sending a message” about the way women are treated in PLRI ruled lands? And if that was the case, wouldn’t we be for it?


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