Soda’s and EBT

Charles Warner

Charles Warner

A condemned Oklahoma inmate starts claiming that his “veins are on fire” during his execution, which has caused all kinds of questions given the botched execution of an inmate last July (Blog Post HERE). The problem is that HE MADE THE CLAIM BEFORE THE DRUGS WERE INJECTED. Once they were flowing, he was silent and dead within minutes. His attorney said that she “doesn’t believe” that the condemned man would “make up” or “exaggerate” his symptoms. This is a case of playing on the sympathies generated when my home State of Oklahoma botched the previous execution. And this has been my concern since then – that the obvious and terrible screw up would enable those who oppose the Death Penalty to “play up,” as it were, anything that doesn’t go perfectly as “cruel and unusual.” Yes, I believe that Oklahoma violated the 8th Amendment in July, but not this time. This was an act, concocted by a lawyer and a dead man walking, who knew that it was too late for him, but maybe he could help stop executions in the future. Will anybody in the anti-death penalty crowd understand or even care that his line of “acid burning” came too early in the play?

Two interesting stories today out of Stockton, the juxtaposition of which says a lot to me. first, Chief Jones and the SPD MET WITH THE SEEKING DIALOGUE about local issues and law enforcement. Many in the crowd seems concerned about Police misconduct. But even as they were meeting, Police Officers were breaking up a side show. As they were, ROCKS WERE HURLED AT THE CARS, breaking the windows which will be replaced t tax payers expense. Dialogue is important and all of that, but really, when you get down to the real issues in Stockton, is it? One has to wonder how many of the people complaining to the Police Chief about the Police knew or had family members hurling rocks at Police Cars at the same time?

food-stamps-for-sodaThe Modesto Bee has weighed in on the idea of stopping people using Food Stamps from using them to buy unhealthy foods, specifically sugary drinks and sodas. They have come to the conclusion that THE TAX PAYER SHOULDN’T HAVE TO SUBSIDIZE UNHEALTHY ACTIVITIES. This is, in fact, correct, but there are two pitfalls here. First, the Bee might now have to extend that concept to other areas of tax payer subsidy, areas with which they may not be as on board. The second potential pitfall is legal. There is no way that the restrictions – if put in place – won’t be challenged in the courts. It’s possible that they will be upheld, but eventually the SCOTUS will have to decide if equal treatment and protection are being violated. I know that you and I think that they are not. I get that. But believe me, the briefs and arguments are ALREADY being written to argue that denying poor people soda is un-Constitutional. And trust me, if it stands, the next move will be to make it fair by banning and/or taxing like crazy, sugary drinks for non-Food Stamp buyers.

Speaking of a waste of tax-payers money, the Feds SPENT $400K ON A GPS STUDY OF GAY HOOKUPS. The hypothesis being tested is whether or not GPS and Social Media apps have “accelerated” the rate at which Gay Men get “hooked up?” Well… has it?

The King of our “friends” Saudi Arabia died yesterday, and has been replaced by his elderly and (according to some reports) virtually senile half-brother. The Oil Wars will continue however, as the new King SEEMS UNLIKELY TO REDUCE OIL PRODUCTION. This will continue to put pressure on the US production as prices fall. The problem, as I see it, is even if they manage to stop US production, what happens when they raise prices again? Sure, oil and gas prices would go back up, but how long until we just start production again?

sol_logo_blk-300x120If for some reason you are watching “Son’s of Liberty” on the History Channel and hoping to gain a better understanding of the founding of the Nation, you might want to watch something else. It is little more than historical fiction or even “alternative history.” What you could do, and indeed, should do, is follow ALL THINGS LIBERTY, a website dedicated to preserving the history of the American Revolution.


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