History v Expediency

Not a particularly great start to Thursday. As we watch this morning, a School Bus has collided with a cattle truck in Hilmar. One man, the driver of the cattle truck, is confirmed dead. No children were on the bus, but several cows have been injured as well. Please slow down folks, take your time and get were you’re going safely.

Serra_havanaSo here’s a great example of religion versus culture, who do you think will “win?” A local California Priest from the 1700’s, Reverend Juniper Serra is considered a hero of the Church and a potential Saint of the Roman Catholic Church. He founded missions that became San Diego and San Francisco. He is taught to California school kids as a pretty important fellow in the history of the State. But to the indigenous Native American’s he is considered a mass murderer and a person who harmed the local tribes. The Priest was beautified in 1988 by Pope John Paul II, a major step on the way to becoming a Saint. The Church released a report in the mid-80’s saying that there was no evidence that Father Serra “inflicted” Christianity on the Indian tries or mistreated them in any way. The descendants of the Tribes vehemently denounce the report as self-serving and inaccurate. In 1998, the Church rejected claims made by the Native Tribes with this explanation: 

“…materials alleging malfeasance by Father Serra had been carefully studied both by the Vatican and independent historians, and [that] ”none of the charges were substantiated because no one is beatified if there is a shadow of a doubt about their virtue.”

Do you follow that logic? It is oddly similar to the circular logic the PLRI uses with regard to the inerrancy of the Koran.

So what happens when the new Pope makes some moves towards Sainthood for Father Serra? Native American leaders have vigorously objected. Does the Church have the courage to face its own history in the matter and recognize that the damage done in the 1700’s may be more than they have so far acknowledged? Sufficient has been the controversy that the Pope will NOT VISIT CALIFORNIA TO CANONIZE FATHER SERRA on his upcoming US visit.

Moreover, California schools continue to teach about the founding of the Missions and the positives of Christianity reaching into California. How long until there is a bill in the Legislature to mandate the teaching of the way the Church “abused” the Native Tribes? 

New York State is “shaken” this morning by the ARREST OF THE SPEAKER OF THE NEW YORK STATE ASSEMBLY on charges of graft. Well, he’s certainly a “typical” politician, but he’s no Leland Yee, that’s for sure. The interesting thing about this case is that the Governor of the State had set up a special investigative committee with subpoena power to investigate corruption in the State Legislature, but it had gotten virtually nowhere as the Speaker managed to pull enough strings to quash all the subpoena’s. after the Governor disbanded the committee, the FBI took over and within weeks, Speaker Silver, 70, was arrested for graft that included millions of dollars. The money quote:

“For many years, New Yorkers have asked the question — how could Speaker Silver, one of the most powerful men in all of New York, earn millions of dollars in outside income without deeply compromising his ability to honestly serve his constituents?” Mr. Bharara (US Attorney) said at a news conference. “Today, we provide the answer. He didn’t.”

One would hope that such arrests would send shock waves through ALL Legislative bodies in the country  and remind them that the People’s business is to be above board, but I I suspect that it won’t have any effect on them at all. 

If reports are accurate, the DOJ investigation into the August #Ferguson shooting is complete, and the results might not be what the AlSharpton wants. In fact, the DOJ IS SET TO CLEAR OFFICER WILSON in the shooting. Will he get his job back? Will AlSharpton et al make any apologies? Will those who have posed to social media their opinions that Officer Wilson is evil or racist make equally passionate posts that correct their opinions? If history is once again a guide, the answer is “not a chance.”


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  1. Father Serra can’t be besmirched, because he’s going to be a saint, and he’s going to be a saint because his reputation is unbesmirched… beautiful.
    I grew up in California, made a mission out of cardboard and everything, and even 25 years ago they did a decent job of describing the ambiguity of his legacy. Yes, bringing civilization to California was good, but the individual missions were run by individual men with varying degrees of individual corruption. Petty tyrants are a disgrace to any organization, but nothing good is accomplished by the Catholic church hiding it.

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  2. I guess in the eyes of the religious higher-achy, converting an entire foreign population to follow one’s god, at all costs, can be thought as a means to an end…no matter how it’s done.. Wait a minute, isn’t that what ISIS is attempting to do in the Mid-East..?

    Yes, and that’s similar to the way the Spanish Catholic Church operated in the New World, in the name of their ‘God’… The church directed their emissaries to impress their God’s beliefs onto the indigenous population, who were regarded as heathens… I’m sure many harsh methods were employed to those that resisted, in addition to the imported European diseases that polluted all New World populations…

    Sure, Juniper Serra may have been a gentle and caring person, but his Churches’ policies were no more than conquering methods to repress the ‘locals’ for Spain’s desire for more land to enrich their empire..!

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