The Big News

Read-All-About-It-640x360And I am back from the trip down south. We had a great time with the folks, celebrating a belated Christmas (Mom got me a copy of George Washington’s Rules), and a fantastic day trip to Lone Pine, a place I’ve wanted to go for many, many years.

I skipped the State of the Union speech and instead spent time playing with Ben and re-watching High Sierra. I didn’t figure that there would be much in the speech that wouldn’t have me throwing things at the TV, and from all the post game analysis it would seem that I was right. But now that I am back, let the real work begin.

As I said a few days ago, I have long been planning for my post-AM Radio activities, as I am not a believer in not having a fallback plan. So I now have the opportunity to do something that I have long wanted to do.

I am currently putting together a useable studio in my home, with the plan that by the end of the month we can produce and distribute podcasts of Constitution Thursday again. I also plan to do a version of The Dave Bowman Show, although the length, and number of days a week are yet to be determined.

Downstream, some 30 to 180 days away, will come the launch of an Internet Radio Station which will carry both live and pre-recorded content, including The Dave Bowman Show. This is something that the modern era and its technology allows to happen, including the equipment I purchased this week to allow live callers on the show.

The really exciting part to me is that this is an opportunity for more than just me and my ego. We will need to fill the time with content, so if YOU have ever thought, “Hey, I want to have my own show,” be it live (limited) or pre-recorded or even just podcast, there will be opportunities for YOU as well. Want to just share your thoughts on local issues? Want to have your own Sports show? Religious services or topics? Are you a niche player and only want to focus on one thing, team or issue? Every day, weekly or even monthly? There will be opportunities for YOU.

The goal is to give local Central Valley voices an opportunity and an outlet with a high quality (NOT Lo-fi Blog-Talk Radio) streaming and on-demand home.

Yes, it’s going to be a lot of work. But some of my closest friends can tell you that this is no whim, I have been planning this for several years and I intend to go at it full force. So if it’s something that YOU might have interest in being a part, drop me an eMail (HERE) and give me  broad outline of your show or content idea. This is about anything and everything that interests people in the Central Valley and even around the world. So take a chance! This is the 21st Century, the limits that once bound who can be on the air are gone.

So that’s the big news and the general plan. Obviously there is much to do quickly, but I wanted to let you know that The Dave Bowman Show IS coming back soon. Along with Constitution Thursday and hopefully much, much more.

I’m hoping that YOU will be a part of it all!


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  1. I’m happy to hear you’ll be back. Good luck!


  2. Dave, I’ve been listening since Bill whatever his name was. I’m glad you’re coming back. You don’t just talk, you teach. And, some, if not all, of us need that. Thank you!


  3. Glad to hear it! Ill be listening!


  4. Outstanding, looking forward to the return of the Dave Bowman Show.


  5. Looking forward to new podcast goodness! I have always been a podcast listener, so the format won’t change for me. I hope it preserves the best magic of all the old special interest segments of the Afternoons Live show, like American History 101, Top 5, and the short lived “What I learned this week”.

    Welcome back, friend.

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