John Boehner’s Pickled Liver

I’m not sure who is wackier, the Pope or his PLRI friends? In case you missed it – and you would have had to be under a rock yesterday to do so – the Pope, the leader over more than a Billion Roman Catholics worldwide, said:

_80297179_80297178“One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith,” and then added

If a dear friend were to utter “a swear word against my mother, he’s going to get a punch in the nose. That’s normal”

The Pope misses the whole point, of course, by referring, metaphorically, to the PRLI as his (and presumably ours) “dear friend.” They aren’t. You’d think that the leader of the Roman Catholic church would know a bit of history, and if he did, he would understand the difference between a “dear friend” who says something offensive and a group of insane 7th Century lunatics who would cut off his head in about four seconds, long before he ever got a chance to punch anybody’s nose.

The first half of his quote is too easy to debunk, since the whole point of freedom of speech is exactly the opposite of what he said, so one has to wonder now precisely what type of religious organization the Pope is seeking to run and try to extend over all the people who don’t believe as he does? Oddly enough,  history once again give us the answer to that question, doesn’t it?

Now, let’s take this a step farther. The Pope may not know the difference between what a person should say and can say, but John Boehner certainly does, right? You have heard the story of the mentally ill bartender who threatened to poison Boehner’s drink? He, rightfully so, is getting the attention he deserves. What you probably haven’t heard is the story of THE NEWS EDITOR WHO WAS FIRED over his story on this matter. He made a joke about Boehner’s “pickled liver” not being able to filter out the poison. The Speakers office complained about the “insensitive and inappropriate” story, and the Editor was canned by the paper.

So whatever you do today, make no references whatsoever to Boehner’s “pickled liver.”

Between the religious leaders, both from the PLRI and now the Pope telling me what I can and cannot say, and the political leadership of the nation where the concept of free speech and press in enshrined in the founding document of the government telling me what I can and cannot say, one has to wonder were on Earth is there any actual freedom and liberty left?

By the by, “Boehner’s Pickled Liver,” would be a great blog site name…

Duke University reversed itself yesterday and decided NOT to allow the PLRI call to prayer from the Campus Chapel. But before you get all Franklin Graham on the matter and start tweeting your approval of the reversal, understand that it had nothing to do with not wanting to allow a PLRI Call to Prayer from a Christian chapel which would soon be declared a PLRI place and ban the Christian worship there. Nope, IT WAS CANCELLED OVER SECURITY CONCERNS. Those concerns were, no doubt, that wild eyed, mustachioed right-wing so-called Christians would somehow or another make a violent attempt to interrupt the call. Now ask yourself this, if there was, in the United States of America, a university with a PLRI founding and accepting Federal funds, would it’s on campus Mosque be required to have Christian events?


USS Ranger CV-61

The Super Carrier USS Ranger CV-61 has been sold by the navy for scrapping. The SHIP WAS THE CARRIER USED IN THE FILM “TOP GUN”, and for eight years the Navy has waited for various groups and organizations to come up with a plan to turn the ship into a museum. Long Beach was in the running with berth space, but the money just hasn’t been there. The truth is it is sad to see any ship go to the breakers. It’s a violent and vicious act to cut a ship up until there is nothing left of her except the memories of the men who sailed her. Ranger is one of the four Forrestal “Super” Carriers, the first post World War II CV’s designed and built by the United States, along with her sisters, Forrestal, Saratoga and Independence. Soon there will be none left. The attempt to save her as a museum is a cool idea, but the costs involved would be immense, and it is unlikely that she could be moored and maintained as a tourist attraction. An alternate plan might be to save her Island, but after eight years, the Navy is tired of storing her and wants to move on. It might be too late for such a plan to take shape. Alas. Still, the effort continues to SAVE THE RANGER.

As far as the proposed “free Community College” idea goes, Ann Coulter brings up the point the IT GIVES REPUBLICANS AN OPPORTUNITY to ask the right questions. Not that they will avail themselves of the opportunity, but it does give them the chance to ask why College is so expensive in the first place. She also points out that 80% of the Weathermen, the terrorist group from the 60’s, are now College Professors. Ka-chow!

Senator Cathleen Galgiani has taken up the fight AGAINST FRIVOLOUS ADA LAWSUITS in the State. My guess is that she can expect some lobbyist visits from the Trial Lawyers along with some campaign cash.

Which actually makes me wonder how often politicians of all strips take up populist positions simply because they know that they will then be lobbied by the powers behind the issue and how much campaign cash they can raise on that lobbying? Nobody believes Pickled Liver Boehner’s speech in the House the other day was real. So how hard is it for Politicos to act like the oppose or support something solely so the other side will come a-calling with cash?

Ben is still down sick, so I am off to watch him! Enjoy the day, my friends!


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  1. Good points Dave. I have been a Catholic all my life and have seen many choices over the year’s. I have seen and heard a lot of religious leaders make ridiculous comments over the years its not only a embarrassment but it’s also contrary to what the Bible teaches us in whatever form you read it.
    I for one go to church much. For one hate being in crowded places 42 I don’t like being told a hypocrite what to do in my daily practice.
    Freedom is man’s will and should be our ultimate goal in life not to instruct others on what we misinterpret from any book.
    I hope Ben starts to feel better soon.
    Have a wonderful day
    P.S. your old time slot has gone so far down hill. I can’t ever listen anymore. For the first time in a year. I used the OFF BUTTON.
    Miss your show….


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