Denham’s Vote For Executive Amnesty


Jeff Denaham (R) CA-10

The House apparently voted yesterday to “defund” portions of the Department of Homeland Security. As other have pointed out, the bill faces a virtually unwinnable fight in the Senate and if it manages to get out, a guaranteed veto by the President. So did Speaker Boehners fiery anti-Obama speech on the House floor yesterday actually mean a shift in the GOP’s attitude toward Mr. Obama? Speculation is that the entire dog and pony show yesterday was designed to placate the Conservative base, knowing full well that when the whole debate starts again after the Bill is rejected by either the GOP controlled Senate or the Vetoed by the Democrat President that the House then folds up and funds the Illegal Immigration amnesty anyway.

I tend to believe the theory because, as I have said all along, the GOP’s main problem with Executive Amnesty is that they get no credit for doing it, not that they they oppose it on Constitutional or any other grounds. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding, and that is found in the fact that TWENTY-SIX REPUBLICANS “BROKE RANKS” AND VOTED WITH THE DEMOCRATS against the amendment. Included among the Republicans who wanted to go head and fund the executive Amnesty yesterday was my own Congressman, “Tea Party Conservative” Jeff Denham (also HERE). As an aside, I find it interesting that the Fresno Bee covered the fact that Valley Congressmen voted against the amendment, while the Modesto Bee, Denham’s hometown newspaper, has (so far) not.

Congressman Denham, you will no doubt recall, was elected to Congress in the Tea Party wave of 2010 with signs that read “Conservative.” He then took to the National Mall during the shut down (while WWII Vets were verbotten to enter their monument) to rally with Democrats for Illegal Immigration Amnesty, which he favors and votes for on a regular basis.

You will never convince me that Boehner’s speech was anything other than an act, and given Denham’s long record, that the GOP doesn’t WANT Illegal Immigration Amnesty. And now they have found a way to get it without looking like they didn’t “fight” against it. Except for the dead giveaway of Denham’s vote, that is…

0Remember the Illegal immigrant who said that he’d been driving for years, so he figured that he “knew” the rules? Turns out that some 90% of Illegal Immigrants who have bothered to apply for Caifornia drivers licenses ARE FAILING THE WRITTEN TEST. Do you think that will stop them from driving illegally? Moreover, how long until the State Legislature decides that the test is somehow biased or even racist and needs to be changed, “simplified,” or even eliminated?

Last week the President gave a speech in which he praised the economic benefits of the lower gasoline prices for families. He proclaimed the glory that the US is now the #1 Producer of oil. What he left out of the speech is interesting though. He made no mention of WHY the US is now #1 in oil production and gasoline production. No mention of WHY gas prices have fallen, nor did he mention that way back when, he and his fellow Dems universally mocked the idea that gas prices could be lowered. In fact, California’s own Congresswoman, Janet Hahn said as recently as 2012: “Drill, baby, drill won’t lower gas prices today or tomorrow.” EXCEPT THAT IT DID. Between fracking and drilling, oil production has spooked our “friends” the Saudis into a trade war over oil, which, by the by, we seem prepared to lose for some reason.

I wanted to get up to Yosemite yesterday to be there when the TWO FREE CLIMBERS FINISH THEIR TRIP up El Capitan. Unfortunately, Ben was sick with a high fever, so we couldn’t go. Still, it was an amazing accomplishment.


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  1. Nice blog this morning, Dave. Thanks!

    I listen to a lot of radio (and miss being able to turn to you for the local flare that I love) and have been hearing liberals challenge the host over President Obama’s success by throwing out fuel prices and misleading employment statistics.

    These callers are challenged with other more clear failures of the current President.

    Even conservative hosts don’t reply with the answer that is the same reason President Obama doesn’t try to explain why [insert your favorite event here] has happened; if President Obama has any control over gas prices, then he’s just an asshole. Same with employment.

    Enjoy your day.


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