Catch or Government Conspiracy?

78942CDF-E7A2-478D-8001-C6B9BCD09DB3_cx0_cy1_cw0_mw1024_mh1024_sAt the same time the Charlie Hebdo attack was center stage, there were other PLRI terror attacks around the world. In Iraq, a car bomb killed twelve, while in Africa, Boko Haram may have killed as many as 2000 people using #bringbackourgirls as suicide bombers. In this light, the failure of the US to send anybody more than an Ambassador and Deputy Secretary of State to the Paris rally looks even worse. This rally was more than just supported a ribald French satire magazine’s right to be offensive to everybody, not just the PLRI. It was about the entre world. And we didn’t bother to show up except for two people that nobody would ever have known were Americans walking behind the front line. The entire thing has disintegrated into a discussion, by non-PRLI members such as Josh Earnest, as to WHAT EXACTLY THESE PLRI TERRORISTS BELIEVE theologically.

I’ve said this for years – and by the by it’s the same problem with Senator Obama trying to explain what Rev Jeremiah Wrights theology is – outsiders don’t get to decide what “true believers” of anything actually believe. For us to say that the PLRI “extremists” aren’t “Islamic” is ludicrous. Neither Josh Earnest nor you has any place to tell me what I believe theologically, and I have no right to tell you what you believe. Not what I should believe or you should believe, but what you or I or Boko Haram or ISIL does believe.

Can you give me any reasonable evidence that the theological beliefs expressed by ISIL in any way deviate from what some denominations of the PLRI have believed for hundred of years? Before you ty to answer that, keep in mind that I have lots of books going back hundred of years dealing with exactly this subject. Keep in mind that religion has always been used as an excuse for violence against those who are not “true believers” regardless of the particular deity involved. So when our white House spokes mouth declares that somebody else’s religion is “false,” what basis does he have for saying that?


An intimidating Littoral Combat Ship

Years ago, back in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, the Navy had this amazingly stupid idea that Missiles were they future and that ship based guns were passé. So, we started building ships with weird futuristic designs with superstructures made out of aluminum and missile batteries fore and aft. Then we went to Vietnam and discovered that missiles suck compared to guns when it came to killing the enemy and breaking things. The Air force and Navy discovered that guns were in fact necessary on Fighter Jets. So the Navy ended recommissioning the USS New Jersey, a World War II Battleship with 16″ guns. The Pentagon redesigned the F4 Phantom with the 20mm Vulcan gun. Then the war ended, time went by and eventually lessons were forgotten and the Navy started building ships that look more like Cruise liners than warships. Noticeable for their LACK of guns or missiles or anything that even looks like a menacing weapon, the Navy is commissioning a whole new class of “Littoral Combat Ships” that are, and I think I am being kind here, useless. Now, even Admirals are starting to realize that these ships NEED MORE OFFENSIVE WEAPONS to be useful as anything other than pretty targets. It’s weird to me that these lessons are almost political in nature. That is, like socialism, the mentalist seems to be from each succeeding generation, “Hey, we know how to do this correctly. Those last guys had the right idea but didn’t know how to do it. We do.” Hence the Presidents famed “We are the one we’ve been waiting for” proclamation. But in Naval terms, the idea that a ship of war would lack offensive weapons is crazy. Think about how many of your tax dollars have been sunk into these projects built in some powerful Congress members district. And now we hve to “fix” them to make them worth anything more than a barrage balloon.

The whole DISH Network v Fox News fight took a weird turn when it became known that the HEAD OF DISH HAS “STRONG TIES” TO THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. Really? I hate to break this to you, but why would anybody be surprised by this? I’m pretty sure that Rupert Murdoch plays both sides of the aisle as well in the same effort that pretty much every major corporation makes to peddle influence and get a better deal from the Government. Having said that, DISH has made a huge mistake. I used to work for a guy who ran a hotel in a Southern State. He was famous for not discriminating (this was the 1990’s and racial discrimination was still practiced) against African-Americans by closing his hotel during “Greek Fest.” He used to say “I love green!” And trust me, he made a lot of money. DISH could be making money, but Conservatives and Fox News viewers, like Talk Radio listeners, are a loyal bunch. Some estimates are that DISH has already lost more than 100,000 subscribers. Figure an average of $100/month, and what are they losing? Over Fox News. Stupid. (Full disclosure here, I am a long time (15 years) DirectTV guy)

Catch or Government Conspiracy?

Catch or Government Conspiracy?

As for the NFL playoffs, now that my Broncos are one-and-done, I have to pull for the Patriots. They are the lone remaining AFL team and that’s my rule. As for the Dallas Cowboys and “the call,” let’s face it, the real problem is instant replay. The Refs have become lazy knowing that if they miss a close one, the replay will “get it right.” The Houston Oilers would have loved to have replay back in the day, but the truth is it wouldn’t have changed the call. Or, maybe it would have. I am convinced that Refs see things we don’t, and we see things that they don’t. Even the announcers seem baffled by the overturns or upholding of calls that seem obvious to them. If I were the boss of Football, I’d eliminate instant replay and tell the Refs to buckle down and do the best that they can. Which used to actually be pretty good, before Replay came along. Anyway, as far as the Dallas call is concerned, I don’t care either way, except that MY FAVORITE CRAZY PERSON THINKS THAT IT WAS A GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY to keep the Cowboys out of the Super Bowl. (By the by, to me it looks like the ball broke the plane of the goal line.)

From the “He Would Know File,”  a British man with 58 convictions says that THE PRISON SYSTEM ISN’T WORKING. Really? I’m guessing that during his thirty-two years in prison he was often told to go ahead and keep on committing crimes when he got out.


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  1. As a Monday morning quarterback, I’ve long been of the opinion that we shouldn’t have attacked Afghans’ or the Iraqis…We, Americans were all hyped up to kill’ someone after 911 and so went along with the Fed’s to spend BILLIONS of $’s and THOUSANDS of lives to get our ‘eye for an eye’ revenge…

    Of course, the Generals & Admirals also want a ‘real world’ test bed for their latest and greatest weapons systems – IMO, the most compelling reason for many modern wars, IE, the Falklands are another example…

    Back after 911, I believe we should have conducted a number of raids on bad guy sites in Afghanistan…We could have had our public revenge’, tested a few modern weapons, but not gone into a full-blown military occupation effort – saving lives, and not becoming an ‘enemy’ occupier…

    The same goes for Iraq – hit the suspected ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ sites with smart bombs, and be done with it… Sure, old Sodom was a bad guy, but there are lots of bad guys in the world – are we going to police em’ all..?

    Like it or not, we Americans ARE NOT going to change the Mid-Eastern Nations way of life – they have been fighting between their various tribes and factions for 1000’s of years…What makes our so called ‘leaders’ think we are ever going to give them a better way of life..?

    I say, get the hell out of the Mid-East (with the exception of Israel), bring ALL of people home, close our embassies in the region, bar their citizens from entry into the USA, quit lining the pockets of their Govt officials with our ‘Foreign Aid’ cash payments…If they want to practice a medieval life style, let them have it..!

    Our occupying forces have only succeeded in fueling the terrorists efforts to convert more people to attack Western countries… Haven’t we learned the lessons of the past regarding colonization and nation building in the third world by Western nations..?

    All the best intentions will not change the Islamic world’s view of the West – let em’ stew in their own juices, as it were, I say…But who’s asking me..?


  2. Love your blog emails, keep at it, we miss you on the air waves. I enjoyed your post and as a former Navy Service member, the part about guns on ships peak my interest. I have recently found a youtube video of the Navy’s new rail gun. Thought that you might enjoy. Seems that purhaps guns are coming back to ships in an undated form.

    4/08/2014 — US Navy tests electromagnetic Railgu…:


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