Money Isn’t Real Anymore

medium10So my awesome and loving wife dropped her phone in the toilet. It’s something that happens everyday, and no amount of “Kill Switch” legislation is going to reduce the incidents which lead to customers having to buy new phones. It’s what we ended up doing last night, only my wife had an idea that would make this an adventure.

For reasons that actually do make sense but which are almost impossible to explain, she wanted her number to be my number and my number to be her number. So before we did anything else, we had to transfer numbers on telephones. Then she got her new phone, an upgrade that was actually a downgrade to an old 90’s style flip style non-smart phone. After that she changed her number because she didn’t actually want my old number which was already piling up with awesome but (to her) confusing texts from Groger who usually keeps me up to date with what goes on in his adoption classes.

I, of course, didn’t want her old number on my still smart-phone (my beloved iPhone 4S), since I didn’t want texts from her confusing friends who work nights and so make almost no sense when they text her, texting me on her old line. So I too, got a new number.

Which means, thanks to our carrier’s amazing technical abilities, I can now no longer teat or receive texts except from iPhone users.

The weird part of al of this to me was that they allowed us to do all of that by just giving our name and our account password. Verbally. Based on our word, they allowed us to make major financial arrangements and change telephone numbers. This is not your Dad’s phone company!

US_$20_Series_1996_ObverseBut when we went to pay for the new flip-style, non-smart phone to which my wife downgraded, we decided that since it was so inexpensive (cheap), we’d pay for it with two crisp $20 Bills. Cash.

We were asked to show a Photo ID which was taken and scanned before they would accept the cash.

Look, I get that many of you have major theological and eschatological concerns with a cashless society, I don’t usually worry about t, but it strikes me as odd they way the we as a society have this almost revulsion at using, touching, or even seeing cash money, which isn’t even really money to begin with, just a piece of paper promising to be money. I almost laugh at wondering what they would do if I had pulled out a $20 gold piece?

Anyway, the real debate when it comes to the form of our money isn’t whether or not it says “In G-d We Trust,” but how much longer will it say “This note valid legal tender for all debts Public and Private?” We are being driven to a cashless society. When you start thinking about why, it’s strikes some nerves. Whether you believe that it portends the end of the Earth or not, one thing that it definitely does is stop us thinking about our money. If all my money ever seems to be is numbers on a website or Quiken, what is there to actually value or “want” as it were? If you never actually “see” something, how likely is human nature to be attached to it?

I know from House Calls with the Real Estate Doctor, that cash is becoming problematic even in buying a home. Every cash deposit you make has to be accounted for, including from whence the cash came, or they won’t touch it to give you a mortgage. It’s weird, and even  bit scary to me as I used to be an insane saver of $1 Bills. I would stuff them away all year, never using them just saving them. Then I would take them to my bank and deposit them all at once, or in one awesome but rare case, pay off my dentist with them. Then I would go on  nice vacation.

Now however, it seems like cash money is being slowly and culturally phased out. Does that portend the end of the world or the advent of Star Trek? Is it a necessity for a global economy or for a one-world government?

Over the weekend three people died when a DUI “Wrong Way” driver hit them head on on I-5. The dead did nothing wrong, but as it turns out, there is a way to defend yourself against “Wrong Way” drivers on the Interstate. The rule is simple, STAY OUT OF THE FAST LANE AT NIGHT. According to the CHP, that should help in avoiding wrong-way drivers, but the truth is that these people died for no reason other than another man decided he wanted to try and kill somebody. That’s what DUI is, attempted, and this case accomplished, murder. If only we had a Legislature that understood that, instead of leaders who plead their own acts of attempted murder down to “Wet and Reckless.”

obama-criticism-paris-rally.siPresident Obama has already begun throwing anybody within reach under the bus for THE US NOT BEING IN ATTENDANCE AT THE PARIS RALLY. As Josh Earnest pointed out yesterday, “it was not the Presidents’ decision” to not send any representation. So then the question is “Who made the call?” And really, does it matter? Ultimately the President can override every decision made by White House staff. Are we to believe that he knew nothing about the rally until it was on the news later? If you’re not going to go, why not a presser before the rally to explain why not and to provide verbal support for the rally? The underlying feeling is that President Obama actually didn’t care about or support the rally, and nothing in the optics (a term I hate) shows otherwise. The leader of the Free World and the leader (such as he is) in the global fight against PLRI terrorism, didn’t even make an effort to support or attend the rally. And just for the record, the Secret Service says that IT WASN’T THEM THAT SAID NO TO THE TRIP.

Locally, the Modesto Bee is correct that most of the CHARLIE HEDBO CARTOONS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR PUBLICATION in a family newspaper. I will not fault them for not publishing the cartoons, except that they are almost all in French, so unless you can read French you probably wouldn’t get them anyway. So when people call for the Bee to “publish the cartoons,” instead of just reporting about the cartoons, one has to wonder if they have the internet, where you can see every glorious and funny cartoon in full color?

By the by, is it really possible that THE FIRE BOMBING OF A GERMAN PAPER THAT DID PUBLISH THE CARTOONS wasn’t the work of PLRI terrorists or their sympathizers?

The ground-water fight in the county is really just starting to heat up. Supervisor Terry WITHROW IS URGING FOLKS TO THINK REGIONALLY rather than individually, which is always an uphill fight regardless of the issue. OID continues to pump ground water while selling or threatening to sell surface water, which doesn’t sit well with neighbors who share the water table with OID. At issue ultimately will be whether or not the State eventually steps in and stops the ground water pumping which would reduce the incentive and ability for OID to sell surface water.

kamala-harrisAs Senator Boxer “retires,” it didn’t take long for the potential replacements to line up. ATTORNEY GENERAL KAMALA HARRIS ANNOUNCED SHE IS RUNNING to replace Boxer. Nobody is surprised by this, as it has long been known that she has higher political aspirations. Think about this, had the GOP Candidate for AG won a very close race, Harris would probably not have a launching pad for her Senatorial campaign. How much money did the GOP put into that race versus what they could have done? It isn’t just the short term that is effected by elections, it’s the long term. Harris is clearly a (if not “the”) front runner who won her election by the slimmest of margins. 


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  1. Post-modernism has ruined mediums of capital exchange just like it’s ruined everything else.


  2. Re cash for phone …there’s now probably some govt regulation requiring phone retailers to collect ownership data in the event the phone or number is used in an illegal manner – so they can track you down..!

    Just as all gun registrations are kept in a data base, so the authorities can see if you own guns before they knock on your door… Probably means wearing SWAT gear even when they call at your house to process a past-due parking ticket summons..! Even if you’ve had a crime-free life, if you have a gun, you’ve still got a ‘Record’…


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