Carrying On, Smartly

I am amazed and humbled by the outpouring of well-wishes and regards from so many of listeners and readers. Thank you, it meant the world to me and helped get me through Thursday. I really do not know what the future holds for me. For the time being, I am going to go “Mr. Mom” for a few weeks, while continuing to blog and set up my home office, work on my Stockton Ports Blog and catch up on some TV. I also have two writing projects that I want to get off the ground and complete. One is a fiction work I’ve blogged about before involving a U-Boat in WWII, the other a work based on Constitution Thursday.

Yes, at some point in the future I would like to bring back the show in some form, whether on the air or perhaps as an “on demand” via a podcast. Once the home Office/Studio is set up, the LPOV will begin recording Constitution Thursday episodes again. The phone number – 565-DAVE – is still active if you want to text me or leave me a voice mail. The Twitter handle has changed to @DaveBowmanShow, and I do have a working and functional eMail address (HERE), and now that I have a bit more free time, I might even read them! Thank you again for the encouragement and support. It means the world to me.

For the time being, the blog will continue as before…

Something that I continue to not understand is the process by which un-assimilating Immigrants are allowed into Western Democracies to take advantage of the benefits and privileges with none of the responsibilities of being a Citizen of that country. In the aftermath of the Paris PLRI attacks, we are starting to learn about the various people involved, including the wife of the AQ Leader who “mentored” the Paris attackers. It turns out that SHE LIVES RENT FREE IN A FOUR BEDROOM HOME in England because France was “too tough” on PLRI members. This woman and her progeny are a prima fascie example of the willingness of nations to deceive themselves into believing that hey are being “charitable” when in fact what they are being is stupid. Frankly, who cares if France is “too tough” on immigrants? Maybe it’s because France wants good Citizens instead of the social parasites and infectious diseases that the unwilling-to-assimilate-immigrants have become? They – the PLRI immigrants – are more interested in using their new homes like a the Ebola virus uses its host, to multiply rapidly and take over before attacking another host. It appears that they want to turn their new host homes into the same 7th Century bass-ackwards third world (expletive deleted) from which they came. Then the immigrants use that to blame everybody else for “not treating” them with respect.

In any case, the good people of Britain are forking over their hard earned Pounds or Euros to care for this woman and her r/K Theory offspring to turn around and consume their resources and overwhelm their charity.

Meanwhile, in the face of PLRI terrorism and attacks, the WHITE HOUSE FEELS IT ISN’T DOING ENOUGH TO PROMOTE ISLAM. Yep, you read that right. The Administration thinks that it needs to “double its efforts” to explain to us the “true tenants” of Islam. I ask you this simple question, when did it become the mission of the government of the United States to explain to me the “true tenants” of ANY religion, let alone the one that would cut my head off if given the opportunity?

An Original Leatherneck

An Original Leatherneck

By the by, how many of you knew that the reason that US Marines are called “Leathernecks” is because of the leather collar devices they used to wear during the Barbary Coast Wars (against the PLRI) to prevent the PLRI from beheading them? Well, that is at least one explanation of the term, and while the other one – to keep their heads straight while shooting – is probably more to the point, the truth is that the devices would in fact protect the Marines from the slash of the blade. By the by, for you history buffs, the odd spike on top of early WWI and ceremonial German helmets, is for the same reason. It deflects saber blows.

President Obama has made it clear that he has no intention of signing the Keystone XL pipeline bill. This is despite the actual (as defined as “more than one member of the other party”) bi-partisanship way the bill passed, with 59 Senators voting “Yes” in November (before the new Congress was sworn in). In fact, the White House managed, in a most Sir Humphrey Appleby-esque way, to explain with tortured logic and numerous words, that in fact the President is simply A VICTIM OF REPUBLICAN OBSTRUCTIONISM, not the reason the bill is being stopped himself.

When the Framers put together the Constitution, they wanted people to move from State to State, and set up the Constitution to even encourage it. What they did not anticipate though, is that eventually those who opposed the ideals and purposes of the Constitution would start moving into States which did support those ideals and purposes. In Texas, the new Governor is WARNING HIS CITIZENS ABOUT THE CALIFORNIA-IZING OF TEXAS. Which is more or less true, but also kind of their own fault. Texas sought people and businesses from the Golden State, and now they’ve got them coming out of their ears.

Speaking of California and really bad ideas, Assemblyman Kevin MaCarty (D-SAC), has come up with the idea that the STATE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE WILL INVESTIGATE ALL POLICE SHOOTINGS. Now, nobody disputes that shootings should be investigated, but can you imagine the bough-ha-ha f politics that the State getting involved in every investigation could create? As bad as this idea is, imagine the Federal Government deciding to do the same thing. Which, I predict, WILL happen sooner rather than later.

david-petraeus-APThat same Justice Department, still headed by Eric Holder, has RECOMMENDED FELONY CHARGES AGAINST GENERAL PETRAEUS. This is tough. As much as we respect the General, if there is sufficient evidence that he broke security procedures and policies, he should in fact be charged and face the music. I wish that the investigation had been handled by the CIA itself or even Military Intelligence. The Holder DOJ is the same DOJ that didn’t seem to want to hold anybody accountable for the Snowden screw up. But at the end of the day, Snowden, while an embarrassment ultimately had little effect on government policy. General Petraeus on the other hand, is a potential political opponent of the President and his Party. That makes the delays and innuendo look political at the very least.

As you know, I love Yosemite National Park. In fact, now that I have some unexpected free time, I may plan a trip up there next week. Can you think of any reason why YOSEMITE WOULD NEED ALMOST HALF A MILLION DOLLARS OF MILITARY EQUIPMENT? Now if we were talking about HUMVEES or Snowplows, I’d understand it. But we’re not. We are talking about weapons. Why?

Lastly for today, if you, like me, have  good deal of free time at the moment, you might want to take a website tour of the WORLDS LARGEST NUCLEAR POWERED SUBMARINE. The Soviets built six of these behemoths, the Typhoons, and it was even the star of Tom Clancy’s “The Hunt for Red October.” The boats were a testament to excess, right down to a sauna for the crew. Oddly, they carried 20 SLBM’s, but they were designed to operate under the ice, surface and launch from the Arctic ice fields. The three that remain are, as you can see in these pics, in very bad shape and probably not seaworthy. The new Borei class, with their Buluva missiles have taken the place of the Typhoons (which the Russians call “Akulas”) in the deterrent patrol role. It’s interesting stuff, even if you are not an old submariner.


The Russian Typhoon Balistic Missile Submarine


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  1. Glad to here you plan on keeping the Dave Show alive if in just a different form. This is the second time a radio show has dark that I followed, both were sudden loses. I had looked forward to my traffic filled days home, listening and learning of history and politics and critical dissection of topics. It was your show that open my eyes to politics, World, National and local events, I looked at your show as a calling to fine a way to enolve myself, and as I lwarn more I hope to. I meet a few submariners in my four years in the Navy, and I must say you confirm my respect and admiration for their duty and commitment.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Dave,
    Glad to see the ‘juices’ are still flowing…

    In my 70 odd years living in this part of of the west, (I grew up on the SF Peninsula), I’ve see our liberties eroded more than I care to believe…just a few;

    In my youth, we used to be able to go to the coast, have a bonfire, camp overnight on the beach, enjoy the stars at night and not really bother anyone…Not any more – can’t have people out there after dark – they might hurt themselves…!

    Now we can’t even light a fire in our fireplace on a cold winter’s eve, as it may irritate our neighbors and emit particles into the air that will infringe on others rights…Let’s ignore the fact that we in the Valley get the major part of the Bay Area’s stale air each day as the normal air flow moves it here – but we are the ones to suffer with restrictions…I guess we can move, if it’s at all possible, but many cannot..!

    In my youth, we could register our cars at the DMV for $10 or so – the DMV just needed that money to handle the cost of paperwork…Not anymore – the State & DMV need BIG bucks to just do the same registration thing, but we don’t see any benefits for all this huge cash increase – they can hold us ‘hostage’ for these huge fees, BECAUSE THEY CAN, not because they represent anything close to the actual costs they incur… We need cars in California, and the State takes great advantage of us for it..!

    look at the way the tobacco laws progressed…I’m not a smoker, but here again the State took advantage of those that do with increased restrictions avery few years, higher ‘sin’ taxes…all to increase the State’s coffers and another attempt at ‘Social Engineering’ of we citizens..!

    Don’t get me started on barbaric ADA laws California has passed in the name of ‘helping’ it’s handicapped citizens – look at the mega bucks these laws have cost us all, with increased building costs, lawyers fees, etc…Another social engineering scheme that could have been gradually phased in as new construction/remodeling was done, for example…

    There so many more examples, to say nothing of the Fed, State & local Govt’s acting in their own best interests… but as some are want to say,try and “Don’t let the bastards get you down…”

    Best regards,
    Ray in Morada


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