10427285_10204551375814507_2718582062680526831_nFor most of the past eight years it has been my honor and my privilege to share with you each day what I think about what is happening in the world around us. I have been on the air when some of the best moments of my life happened, from marrying my wonderful wife, Cami, to the birth of our grandson. To sharing Ben with you. There were great moments in sports and some of the biggest news stories of the last eight years. We learned together and we grew together. From the second day of the show, when I lost one of my best friends literally 45 minutes before I had to go on air – we had no “Best Of” library at that point – to studying the Constitution, it has been a thrill to spend my afternoons with each and every one of you.

It started with the run-up to the elections of 2008, and we have had a wild – if sometimes disappointing – ride through the 2014 mid-terms.

We fought Measures S and X to a stand still. We even got a Congressman to resign. We had a lot of laughs, shared stories, even some tears.

But now it’s time for me to step aside. Please understand that this is entirely my decision, based on personal reasons.

I have been VERY blessed to work for Clear Channel/iHeart Media, and especially KFIV and KWSX. I have had  wonderful time and learned an amazing amount of the technical side of things. I believe in the mission of local Talk Radio. That mission will, no doubt, go on. It started before I arrived on the air, with others like Bill Mick, Rob Johnson, Dave Thomas and Rick Minyard, and it will continue long after me.

I want to say Thank You to everyone who has ever called, texted, eMailed or just listened. Whether you agreed or disagreed or even if you hated me, YOU were what Afternoons Live and The Dave Bowman Show were all about. Thank you for your support and encouragement over the years.

A final “Thanks” to nine great people:

Heather Voortman, Commander Tom Cody, Jill Ferris, Ky Erwin and Jordan Serpa. Each of these Producers brought their specialness to the show and made it fun and interesting.

Kevin Fox and I have worked together on projects off and on through the years, and it was a great joy to have him as my producer and to see him get the quick promotion that he deserves. When you see iHeart Media in the community, you’re seeing Kevin’s hard work. He loves the job and the area, and he is a good friend and a great guy to work with.

John Considine has become a best friend, mentor, sounding board and confidant as well as the best on-air partner I ever had. You would be amazed at the “behind the scenes” way that he has influenced me and the show. He is simply a great, wonderful and bearded person and I will miss his infectious laugh outside the studio.

Lastly, Rich Hawkins was the GM who hired me and Jeff Ngrete is the GM who stuck with me and believed in me. These two gentlemen are the reason that I had the opportunity that I did, and I will always be grateful to them for the chance to do the show.

Friends, remember the message – it’s up to WE THE PEOPLE to make it work. If we are not involved, we lose.

Take the time today, and tell each person  that matters in your life that you love them and that you’d miss them if they weren’t there. You don’t know what will happen tomorrow and you don’t want to miss that chance and have that regret.

May G-d bless each and every one of you.

Donnez-moi la liberté, ou me donner la mort!

– DB


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  1. John P. Walker

    I will miss your show very much. I learned a great deal from you, and the only times I have ever been interviewed live on radio are with you. I have taken a great deal of your advice to heart lately especially about picking a spot to argue the policy issues I care most about. Pick “a” issue and work it, put yourself out there and get after it. Thank you, thank you, from the Georgia boy who landed in Modesto and smiled the day you mentioned Toccoa Falls. Spent many a day there when I was young. Hat tip in your direction and the best to you and your family.


  2. Will miss you, buddy!


  3. Well this is just terrible news!!! Extremely disappointed


  4. Robert Gibson

    Don’t go Dave. Modesto needs your unique voice. No where else do I get local issue insight. I don’t understand and don’t care for who is on the air now. Please come back.


  5. Tanner from sonora

    Hey dave, just wanted to say farewell and that this pretty much ruined my day knowing that i will not be able to listen to the greatest talkshow ever aired again. Lol anyways, have a good one Dave and friends, we will miss you..


  6. Tanner from sonora

    And please come back a.s.a.p!! That new guy they put on air sucks! Lol


  7. Now I have no reason to listen to 1360 or 1280. A sad day.


  8. Dave, You will be missed. I truly enjoyed your show. You probably cannot say why you are leaving, but if it was the station let us know so we can protest. You are truly the most intelligent person on the air. Hopefully you will stay on facebook so we can continue to see Ben grow. I wish you and your family all the best,


  9. I was wondering why there was some unfamiliar voice on the radio… I thought it might have been a programming screw up or something… It’s a sad day.


  10. Dave, I sit here trying to write something lucid, and I’m failing. I can understand from my experience, what you are going through, and I know there are mixed feelings. Leaving a successful talk show is like leaving thousands of friends behind, never to be seen again.
    I am confident that your overall feeling is that your tenure on the show was a really great, fantastic ride.
    I bet that no one other than another host understands how much work it is to to 15 hours each morning, 50 weeks a year. It is one of the most demanding jobs on earth. There can be no dead air, no deep breaths, no time for lengthly contemplation, and most of our conversation is spontaneous. Saying what one really things, within the radio rules, extemporaneously, and be wise but still entertaining, is a huge challenge. Eight years of that can be a lifetime.
    Please accept my best wishes for another great experience, more time with your family, and good health to enjoy your next adventure. Dave Thomas

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    • I knew that of everybody, you will understand the best. The tension between creativity and control is always beneath the surface and the audience never sees it. Thanks for everything and hope to keep in contact in the future!


  11. Dave. I have been a listener for little over a year. I have not only learned because of your show. I have enjoyed the way you end your shows. It brings back memories of my brother.
    I do hope you find a nice relaxing chair to sit back and listen to the next generation on the radio.
    I will always be Thankful for your help with my Medical condition. Plus understanding.
    You are a blessing to all who were Abel to listen in and find clear thinking threw your messages.
    May God Bless you and your family.
    Grandpa Ken.


  12. Oh man, I can’t believe the show is over. Dave, I’m a 28 year old man with real life responsibilities. I grew up in a liberal family in the Bay Area. I moved to modesto when I had the chance to marry my wonderful wife. I’ve been listening to your show for many years now, you opened my eyes to understanding the constitution, what the framers in tended, and what it means to be vigilant. I have found out that I am a conservative American, and I do not think I could have figured it out fast enough without your show. You had a very positive message that history taught you. It is up to all of us to continue to pass this knowledge on. From my family to yours, best of luck and thank you.


  13. Major bummer. As a fellow sailor, I found your insight and willingness to take a contrarian point of view both refreshing, Your being, more often than not, at odds with The Political Establishment meant that I had someone on-air I could listen to with whom I could identify.

    Losing your voice on-air leaves the airwaves a poorer and less informative place to visit. Good luck in whatever you turn to next Dave, and thanks for all the great afternoons we had together. Fair seas and a following wind to ya’.


  14. Kevin Polhemus

    You’ll truly be missed here around the modesto area. Almost all of the unique hosts apparently getting tired of playing the programming and managerial games quitting the terrestrial stations. One lamp after another going out. Yourself, Spencer Hughes, a few others were the individual voices that made life and radio fun, informative and gave it MEANING. Like we really needed 40 dr lauras,60 rush limbaughs, 20 jerry doyles and 80 coast to coasts at one time across the dial. I am so glad I tuned in day after day…. You are in our prayers and I will tune around hoping to hear your reassuring voice again. God bless you and your family Dave. come back somewhere, some how. Kevin Polhemus


  15. Can you hand out one last opinion? A personal friend of mine in Pomona, CA is a major part of the group that confronted the Mexican buses, cleaning up the political arena of the area and trying to uphold the Constitution. Do you know about them? do you have any opinions?


    • I followed it pretty closely, and I agree with them. But, and here’s the problem, the Government controls the purse strings, and ultimately they’ll use them to force their way into what they want. Which is pretty much what hppened.

      Until we ALL get fired up like they were, nothing’s gonnstop the Feds from running roughshod over the States and the People


  16. Will you still be blogging here regularly?


  17. Dave!

    I wish you the very best in the future! You will keep the information going and continue to impact our beloved country.

    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!!!

    Bill Nowicki
    Host of Submarine Sea Stories Podcast


  18. …I won’t join the )small( gang of Jerry Doyle haters: I’ve listened to his show (and enjoyed his acting stints) for many years. But that does not mean I won’t sincerely miss you on the radio.
    It was jarring — when I tuned in and heard Doyle. (It was jarring, when I tuned in and heard Dave “Diamond” instead of Bill Mick…) Had I missed an explanation?
    Ah, well! I still bemoan the loss of Modesto’s AM classical music station… (And commercial-free FM, too — yes, I’m that old!)

    You yourself are -I think- officially seasoned enough to be considered a curmudgeon: Persevere!

    Best wishes and much luck.

    An habitual listener.


  19. Charlie Menghetti

    Dave: I’m so disappointed to see you go!
    Fair winds and following seas my friend.
    Charlie Menghetti


  20. Very sad to hear the show has ended! It bacame a part of my workday and I would rank it up there with the syndicated shows I listen to. Honestly, I preferred it to most of them. I learned a great deal from Dave and though I didn’t always agree (rarely), I always respected Dave’s opinion. I wish you nothing but the best in the future, may God bless you and your family. And THANK YOU for a great show!


  21. I have to say Dave, you are going to be missed! I thought you were on vacation and had to do a search to find out what happened to you! 3pm on 1360 stinks now! I hope you find what you are looking for!


  22. Ed on the river

    Hey Dave I’ve been missing your show…is your podcast going yet..waiting on ya..good luck in the future bud…hoisting a cool one for ya on the river!!


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