PLRI v Freedom of Speech

2135_1420632567Freedom of speech and of religion, and even to borrow from President Franklin Roosevelt, to be free from fear, is under attack around the world. If you don’t think attacks on these freedoms by the extremists lunatics of the PLRI aren’t going to happen here, you’re delusional. In France, upset PLRI members ATTACKED A SATIRICAL NEWSPAPER OFFICE shouting “Allahu Akbar” and killing twelve people because they had dared to “insult the prophet.” The Editor had said two years ago that, “I live under French law. I do not live under Quranic law.” Today he and other French Cartoonists were killed by PLRI terrorists who wanted him, me and you to live by their rules and their law and their version of a god who cannot take care of business for itself.

I’ve said it before and I say it again now: if your “god” needs you to kill for it, then you have a phony deity. If your “god,” needs you to avenge it, your deity is a wussy.

The PLRI does not realize, of course, the backlash that this latest outrage of their boorish behavior is going to create. Already in Germany there are large protests and a movement to stop the “Islamification” of Europe. Liberal politicians and celebrities have spoken out against the group, which has been decreed “right wing” by the left. It my be, but here’s the thing, the left here has declared the Tea Party “Right Wing,” so I don’t put a whole lot of faith in people who label. Secondly, the obvious inference here is that the anti-Islamic protesters (PEGIDA) are “Nazi-esque” is inescapable, at least as far as the left is concerned. The problem is, of course, that politically speaking, the Nazi’s were in fact, socialists. In other words, they were the left.

So what we actually have here are people who want to suppress freedom of speech, religion and expression, being opposed by people who want to stop them from doing so, being opposed by people who want to label them as evil for standing up for their natural rights against those who want to suppress them.

This latest PLRI attack is going to fuel even more anti-PLRI emotions and laws, which will in turn fuel more PLRI outrage over “how they are being treated,” and lead to even more violence and attacks. Sooner or later somebody is going to strike back.

The White House says that we are “going to stand shoulder to shoulder” with our allies, the French, in this fight against terrorism. The problem is in whether or not the White House recognizes the real dangers here? In his statement, the President failed to mention “Islam” once. How is that even possible?

Don’t delude yourself. This kind of attack is coming here, sooner rather than later.


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  1. Since the day of the Romans. People have had to deal with the persecution of believing in there own God or Believe. You are 100% Right! We are looking at the start of a new war for the free world. It’s fighting over God! If everyone believes God is All good and is our path to happiness and the gateway to heaven.Why do we fight over his words.
    I also believe we have to expect this kinda act in America. So sad..


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