_80089674_75371584One of the greatest stories of last year was the “escape” of Bernard Jordan, a British D-Day Vet, from his care home and his travels to France to stand on the beaches of Normandy for the 70th anniversary of the invasion. It was an amusing and inspiring story, all the more because there was always a hint of truth to the idea that he really did “escape” from the clutches of people who tried to tell him that he was too old, too frail or too ill to go. 

He went. He stood, and he saluted his fallen comrades. And NOW BERNARD JORDAN HAS PASSED AWAY. Rest is peace, Soldier.

As I sit here this morning, drinking my coffee and contemplating the day, I realize that by the time we get on the air this afternoon all of the drama – such as it will be – of the Speaker election will be over and done with. I stand by my position that for a Conservative or Libertarian position, John Boehner is useless. But from the GOP’s perspective, he is exactly what they want. So it is HIGHLY unlikely that Boehner will be defeated as Speaker, and just as unlikely that it will even go to a second ballot. The pressure that is being brought to bear on GOP Congressmen is enormous, and most probably irresistible. even Tea Party types like power and money, and the Speaker has both to give to those who please him.

I did not know that the ubiquitous MedicAlert bracelets were invented in Turlock, nor that the foundation that makes them is based there. I do know that that are CUTTING THIRTY-ONE JOBS due to changes in technology and competition. Employees of AMR’s Billing Department ALSO LOST THEIR JOBS THIS WEEK. It’s just a reminder that the jobs market is changing rapidly and knowledge is power. If you missed yesterdays show, we had Dr. Tracey Wilen on to talk about her newest book, EMPLOYED FOR LIFE: 21st CENTURY CAREER TRENDS, which she will give you for free if you visit her web site (HERE) and send her your story about changing jobs.

Dec. 17 airpower summary: Reapers touch enemy forcesThe Obama Administrations prosecution of the “Drone Wars” is causing a GREAT DEAL OF PROBLEMS FOR THE AIR FORCE. In fact, they are desperately short of personnel to continue operating the Drones (of which they have plenty, because they are built in some Congresspersons district), and having a terrible time manning the ever increasing missions that the Administration is demanding.

Meanwhile the new Joint Strike Fighter F-35 Super Duper Stealth Double Top Secret Probation wonder plane, WON’T BE ABLE TO FOR ITS GUN UNTIL 2019 because it doesn’t have the software to do so. Way back in 1915, literally a hundred years ago, they figured out a way to fire machine guns through propellers on bi-planes that cost about $8 to build (in today’s money). Now, the F-35 cannot fire it’s 25mm gun because it can’t? In the Vietnam era, the plane designers thought to themselves that guns were obsolete because of missiles and jet engines. In fact, the original F-4 Phantoms did not have guns at all. After a few dogfights over Vietnam, they realized that guns on planes were necessary and important. Not only did they put them back, but the Military instituted things like Red Flag, where they trained pilots to dogfight with guns, not missiles. Because at the end of the day, an airplane is just a foot soldier in the sky. By the by, the comment about the amount of ammo carried by the F-35 is unwarranted. The F-5 Tiger carried 11 seconds of ammunition. I once asked a Pilot if that seemed like it was a small amount. His response? “If I don’t get him in the first second, I’m not going to, so  have enough to shoot down eleven planes.”

SacBee TrainsThe California High Speed Rail System BREAKS GROUND TODAY IN FRESNO on the first 29 miles of track which will be neither High Speed nor useable anytime soon. I did notice this interesting juxtaposition of stories on the Sacramento Bee’s web site this morning. Given the HSR’s train wreck reputation already – and that’s just it’s finances and business plan, nobody knows what will happen when the trains roll across the lowest safety design bid score 29 miles of the system – it’s already clear that the only way this system gets built at all is by stealing money from other tax payer funded projects and programs. There will be ZERO dollars from the Feds for the foreseeable future. This program is the white elephant of white elephants despite the Pollyannaish spin the Governor tried to brush it up with yesterday.

“California voters were promised jobs, ridership numbers, speeds and costs that look nothing like the current proposal. The Authority promised taxpayers a shovel-ready project when it took more than $3 billion in federal tax dollars. There is simply no way the Authority will meet the 2017 deadline to spend the stimulus funding, a failure 10 years in the making. It’s hard to celebrate breaking ground on what is likely to become abandoned pieces of track that never connect to a useable segment.” – Congressman Jeff Denham (CA-10)



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