Looking forward to the future!

Looking forward to the future!

Welcome (Officially) to the New Year! There is so much to try to get in on the first day that there is no way we’ll get to everything, but just consider this smorgasbord of topics for the first show of the year:

AirAsia Crash, Police Protests, Free Speech, Murder-Suicide in Modesto on New Years Day, City Councilman Dave Geer Passes Away, McCain v Tea Party, Will Romney Run? Government Spending, ISIS, GitMo, Harper-Collins, New Laws for 2015, Gas Tax, and so on. It’s going to be a busy day and a busy year.

Don’t forget that we finally have THE LIVE CHATROOM back as well. You can get there from our FACEBOOK PAGE. Follow us on Twitter (@DaveBowman1360), eMail us HERE and you can always use the 24-hour Voice Mail and text Machine 209-565-DAVE!

img-Measure-X-campaigning-starts-now-in-Modesto-6P-HRemember when if we didn’t get Measure X the City of Modesto was going to implode into a singularity-esque black hole and shrink to the size of a pencil point with no money, no police and no fire services? It was going to be terrible and even if the City didn’t disappear from the pages of history it might as well have because it would be no different than say, Stockton if they didn’t get that Measure X money? The City Council Finance Committee will meet on Tuesday to determine HOW TO SPEND $5MILLION IN LEFTOVER MONEY from last fiscal year.

Most of the 930 New Laws passed by the Legislature last year went into effect with the New Year. Just think about that for a minute or two. Then ask yourself if things were so screwed up in California this time last year that we needed 930 laws to improve them?

Want to track the homeless as they move about your city? In San Francisco, A MAP OF WHERE THE HOMELESS POOP has been created to track them.

It is becoming obvious that the Rev Al Sharpton is nothing more than a shakedown artist. Numerous companies now stand accused of essentially paying him off by FUNDING HIS NATIONAL ACTION NETWORK. Pay him enough, and he won’t say anything bad about you.

Full disclosure here, I am not a Chief Petty Officer. So I never went through the Chiefs Initiation process, although I saw enough of it going on to be sufficiently familiar with it to comment from a E-6’s who never wanted to be an E-7’s perspective with a sufficient amount of Leonard McCoy attitude thrown in. The Navy has decided, in its infinite wisdom, TO ELIMINATE THE CHIEFS INITIATION which s a stupid idea and says alot about the damage being done to the traditions of the Service. Frankly, I would never want to serve under a Chief who had not gone through the initiation. 

In my effort to improve Constitutional knowledge and information, I came across THIS FREE COURSE from Professor Akhil Amar of Yale University. Professor Amar is the author of several books on the Constitution, most of which are on the bibliography for Constitution Thursday. Now from what I can tell here, this is not an “adult education” class, this is a real college level course on the “Unwritten Constitution” requiring some commitment and effort. But it is free…

After Gas prices had “plummeted” over the past few weeks, they have BEGUN TO GO BACK UP IN CALIFORNIA. Why? Cap & Trade! Remember that not a single person voted in favor of this gas tax increase. Not one. This buried in the depths of AB32 (signed by Republican (cough, cough) Arnold Schwarzenegger) and allows the implementation of this TAX by a regulatory agency. Make no mistake, Democrats knew it was there and support it, BUT IT MAKES NO SENSE in terms of what they say that they are trying to accomplish.

mike-huckabeeIn 2016 Presidential election news – and yes, it has already started, deal with it – MIKE HUCKABEE HAS QUIT HIS FOXNEWS SHOW in what is widely seen as a necessary move to begin his version of seriously considering an exploratory campaign. Huckabee appeals strongly to the religious right, but is he the guy that can appeal to Conservatives across the board? At what point will his spending record as a Governor work for him or against him?

Texas Congressman Louis Gohmert has ANNOUNCED THAT HE WILL “RUN” AGAINST BOEHNER for Speaker. Look, Boehner is… well… as useless as a one-armed trapeze artists with an itchy butt. Frankly, he is worthless, unless you happen to be an establishment Republican with visions of increasing spending on your pet projects and introducing legislation to stamp out speech with which you disagree. Otherwise, he’s a screen door on a submarine. Having said that, Gohmert is not going to win, not going to make a dent in the GOP leadership, but there will be headlines about the deep divide and whether or not the “crazy tea party” is trying to destroy the GOP.


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