48 Days

jameis-winston-ncaa-football-rose-bowl-florida-state-vs-oregon-850x560It’s the first “real” day of the New Year and already I have come to realize why I have become so disenchanted with the NCAA and specifically Division I of BCS or whatever they call it now level College Football. For literally years, people have said, “Use the Bowls as playoff games,” and finally the NCAA kind of got the idea and used the Rose and Sugar Bowls this year for a four team – yep, four (remember, 1-AA does 16), playoff. So we were treated to the Oregon blowout of Florida State and a great game in the Sugar Bowl between Ohio St and Alabama. At the end of the Rose Bowl, the Oregon players were chanting, “No Means No!” in reference to the FSU QB’s troubles having been accused of and cleared in a rather haphazard manner of rape charges. The whole incident fueled the belief that high performance athletes get special treatment on campus, and frankly, that belief is probably correct.

In any case, the chant was classless and unnecessary. You just won the game by a wide margin and very much showed the world your football skills were superior in every phase of the game, why go there?

Then the Florida St team, which the cleared QB had run and never lost as a starter, simply walked off the field without shaking hands of the winners. It was churlish and childish, and has no place in College level football.

I used to love NCAA Football, but the last few years have seen so much of this kind of behavior and issues that I lost interest in it, with the exception of the Army-Navy Game. Add in the lack of a real playoff system and it’s just as much Made-for-TV-reality-drama as it is a football game. Pro ball isn’t getting any better. I’ve spent my entre life in football, from my Dad raising me to play and understand the game, to playng and later coaching in the Navy. Football is in my blood and brain, but it is rapidly losing my passion.

On the plus side? 48 Days until Pitchers and Catchers report for Spring Training!

Mitt-RomneyOver the week the news came out that Senator John McCain is doing everything he can to ELIMINATE THE TEA PARTY INFLUENCE from the GOP in Arizona, and now comes the story that two time Presidential loser Mitt Romney is getting ready to pull a Ka$hkari solely TO PREVENT THE GOP FROM NOMINATING SENATOR TED CRUZ for President. The GOP has no room for the Conservative/Libertarian wing of its own Party, despite the evidence that such support will be critical to the GOP winning of the White House in 2016. Which makes one wonder, given their recent actions in Congress, if the GOP really even wants to win or to overturn the ACA or stop illegal immigration, OR EVEN CUT SPENDING?

The Daily Mail is reporting that there was a US led ATTEMPT TO RESCUE THE JORDANIAN PILOT and other hostages captured by ISIS. The attempt failed when the Helicopters came “under heavy fire” same 20km east of the Raqqa.

o-EZADEEN-facebookDid a real life “Lord Jim” happen off the coast of Italy? Authorities there are trying to RESCUE A FREIGHTER ABANDONED BY ITS CREW, leaving hundreds of immigrants to their fate aboard the vessel.

Did you know that the American Base at GitMo is a “SYMBOL OF AMERICAN IMPERIALISM?” Put aside for the moment the history of the US freeing Cuba from Spain and NOT taking over the whole place, and just understand that this is the first trial balloon in n Administrations strategy to close GitMo, possibly by just giving it back!

So it’s the last couple of days of my vacation, I am going to check out until Monday. Have a great weekend and let’s kick off the new year on Monday at 3pm!


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