Disobedient Eating and Thought Crimes

1984factsA few years back we read and discussed the George Orwell book, “1984, at the Book Guild. While it was certainly easier to accept the idea of an all-powerful government monitoring our every word, it was only later, with the Snowden revelations of PRISM and other domestic spying programs that caused us to re-evaluate the violations of the 4th Amendment, let alone to consider why exactly the government would see the need to “protect” us by spying on us.

As bad as the spying is – and let me say here that whether I think that Snowden is a hero or a criminal, I cannot un-know what I now know about what the government is and continues to do – perhaps even worse is the fact that governments which have long stood for freedom and individual rights, and even liberty, are more and more inserting themselves into our lives with what can best be described as “Thought Police.” More and more we are being told not only what TO think about tuff, but also HOW to think and wrong thinking/speaking is being attacked as viciously as any enemy you can name.

Consider these two examples as we face the eve of the New Year:


Kate Hopkins

In England, the land of INGSOC, a television personality tweeted a joke about a Scottish Ebola nurse. The joke was probably in bad taste, given that the Ebola is a pretty frightening disease, but the fact is that she tweeted a joke about how the Scottish, who so recently wanted to be independent, now sent their the Ebola infected nurse to England for treatment. She also referred to the Scots as “sweaty jocks,” which to be honest is a new one for me, but apparently is deeply offensive to Scots.

Should she have tweeted it? Does it matter? Can an entire country really be so bent out of shape over a TV hosts tweet that THE POLICE HAVE BEEN SENT TO INVESTIGATE HER STATEMENTS? What would motivate a reasonable Law Enforcement agency to even take such a tweet seriously? How does an actual Police agency investigate not just criminal activities, but “offensive” behavior as well? How do more than 12,000 people sign a petition, not to have her fired or to boycott her sponsors, but to have her arrested? For making an obvious joke?


Then we come to the good ole US of A. Here, transfats have been declared evil, dangerous and most of all, they are sneaky. That’s right, so dangerous are transfats that it required an entire Department of the Federal Government dedicated each and every day to eradicating them from your diet. Today, if you’re a typical American, you consume less than 2 grams of transfats a day. They have all but eliminated from our diets in the governments never ending quest to save us from ourselves.

Except that there remains one rogue source of transfats out there threatening American lives and to undo all the work of the Government. That source? Colored sprinkles.

a32ca952-1d54-46bb-bdd7-11cb886d06deSo, guess what happens in 2015 America? COLORED SPRINKLES WILL BE ELIMINATED. You won’t be able to buy them, have them or most of all, eat them.

All because the Government has decided that the colored sprinkles aren’t good for you. If you really want to be impressed with the Federal Governments ability to care for you by eliminating what you love, read the proposed rules HERE.

I have two favorite colored sprinkles sayings. From the movie “The Fugitive:”


I also have a cartoon where Einstein is thinking about a sprinkled donut. I personally love chocolate donuts with colored sprinkles on them. They are my favorite. And now, after risking my life and serving my country for more than a decade and absorbing 63 millirem of radiation from what I cannot confirm or deny were nuclear weapons, I am living in a land where I cannot have colored sprinkles on my donuts?

The President keeps telling me that everything is getting better, that the world is improving and the economy is strengthening. Now I find out that FALLING OIL PRICES THREATEN OUR ECONOMY more than any Russian missile ever had. And as far as Jerry Brown’s “Budget Surplus” is concerned, pretty much everybody, even the LA Times, now realizes that there NEVER WAS A SURPLUS AND NEVER WILL BE.

New Years is supposed to be a time of faith, of looking forward to things changing for the better and for promising to strive to improve myself and the world around me. But all I can think today is how do I find a bottle of Victory Gin and crawl inside it before the government figures out what I really think about the way things are going.


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  1. I’m with you on that. Gin, tonic & color sprinkle donuts. Happy New years my friend.


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