Least “Productive?”

least-productive-congress-e1356975013584I have no idea why the measurement of the “productivity” of any given Congress is HOW MANY PIECES OF LEGISLATION THEY PASS? I do know that within Government thinking, there is a belief that there is always something to be “fixed” by government, necessitating more laws, regulations and most of all, money. My experience in the world of not-for-profit Social Services taught me that for government grants and funding to be maintained, services had to increase on an annual basis. Think about that for a minute. To get the same amount of money, MORE problems had to be served/found/created, not SOLVED. In fact, Congress and by extension the entire Federal Government, has made a HABIT OF BUYING ITS WAY TO CONTROLLING what should be the prerogative of the States, which is also how Common Core and Illegal Immigrant kids from OTM South American Countries are being pushed onto the States with seemingly no recourse. Odd that the Framers were so concerned about limiting the power and reach of the Federal government and now that same government takes OUR money and uses it to buy its way into controlling what it was never meant or intended to control. And then the press complains that they aren’t doing enough?

So it’s no real surprise that there is a belief that “only” 296 new laws is somehow or another “un-productive.” The truth is that not one of those 296 new laws did anything to “preserve the blessings of liberty” for anybody. The truth is that it was not as productive to killing off liberty as all the other Congresses (except the 112th). That is not an altogether bad thing.

Mike_GrimmNew York Congressman Michael Grimm (R-NY), who is most well known for once threatening to toss a reporter off the Capitol balcony after breaking him in half (HERE), HAS DECIDED TO RESIGN FROM CONGRESS after all. He had steadfastly refused to do so, arguing that tax evasion, perjury and hiring illegal immigrants were not relevant since he won his election. But as it turns out, GOP leadership isn’t all that keen on having a convicted tax evader in its midst, and frankly, it’s not good optics. After a meeting yesterday with Speaker Boehner, ex-Congressman Grimm has elected to resign before he is sentenced on June 8th.

The AirAsia plane HAS BEEN FOUND.

ndamukong-suh-aaron-rodgersI don’t think that there was much doubt that Ndamukong Suh not only INTENTIONALLY STEPPED ON AARON RODGERS, but that he knew exactly what he was doing, which was screwing over his team in a game they couldn’t win. (I was watching the game, because I have DirectTV NFL Sunday Ticket, unlike Listener and Packer fan Guy, who was griping that he was forced to watch the Niner game instead.) He had to know, given his previous run-ins with the league over his dirty play, that he was going to be suspended for the act, but unable to think more then one game at  time, and obviously not giving a care in the world about his TEAM, he did it anyway. To my way of thinking, Suh has become a problem for the league. Despite his “quiet” year compared to his antics in the past, he came undone just at the moment when he most needed not to do so. He is a free agent after the Lions probably lose to Dallas without him next week (in farness, they would probably lose with him too), and I think he is done in Detroit. The big question is what team will pour out a whole lot of money to put up with his antics which will happen at the worst possible time? I vote for the Raiders…


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  1. Well said my friend.
    I’m thinking the Bears for the big money.


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