Adieu, Dave Geer

DS GeerFormer City Councilman Dave Geer passed away yesterday at his home. Dave and I go back to before the show, I met him when he was what we call an “active listener” to Bill Mick Live. In the early days of my show he was a supporter and a friend, someone who continued to support me and the show through some pretty rough early patches. Of my fondest memories, two stand out. First, he and I together attended a Tish’a b’Av tree planting in a local Modesto Park and had a great discussion while “helping” to plant a tree or two. Last year, he and I stood together at the first Modesto Hanukkah Menorah lighting in downtown. He was just giving up his seat on the Council, and while he seemed happy about it and the opportunity to move on, he also seemed kind of excited about the chance he would have now to be an outsider commenting on the Council. Over the past year he used that opportunity a great deal, and through the podcasts of 2014 you will find Dave liberally sprinkled throughout, on both the Council and on his new hot topic, Common Core, of which he adamantly opposed the implementation. Dave stepped up in 2009 to run against Al Nava, not because he thought he was better or because he sought power, he stepped up because, as he told me, “somebody has to, and I have the time now.” He loved his District and City, and he was always pleasant to talk to and be around, even when we disagreed on  particular issue. Adieu, Dave Geer…

The 49ers, as expected, HAVE “PARTED WAYS” WITH COACH JIM HARBAUGH. It was the worst kept secret in the entire world as even the SacBee was tweeting about it during the middle of the game. As one of (as of now) four coaches fired and/or released, Harbaugh is set to return to the University of Michigan where he will be the highest paid College Football coach in the nation. Think about that for a minute or two. Is a coach worth 16.8% of $8Million tax payers dollars ($1.3 Million) a year for six years even if he can make a moribund NCAA football program come back to life?

I don’t know if you knew this or not, but the WAR IN AFGHANISTAN ENDED YESTERDAY. With little fanfare and no ticker tape parades or boring jingoistic speeches, the war was officially declared over. Of course, we’ve been told that before, and as far as I can see, there is no forma treaty or even a ceasefire in place to “officially” end the war. So what this means is that from this point forward, any US or Coalition casualties in the TPLMEC will be counted as “work place violence” instead of war casualties.

The loss of another Malaysian airliner over the weekend shows the big differences between a Government run organization (Malaysian Air) and a private one (AirAsia). In this latest case, the INFORMATION FROM AirAsia HAS BEEN UPFRONT AND CLEAR as opposed to the still missing information on the still missing MH17 flight. There are questions that remains, such as why the AirAsia flight was denied permission to climb above the storm or go around it, but I am certain that AHT websites are already all over that with amazing theories about the Illuminati and Bildebergers ordering the plane into the storm because they knew it would kill the one guy on the flight who could reveal to the world their nefarious plans for world domination and control. For A PROFIT, OF COURSE.

The President’s Executive Action on Illegal Immigration may have some blowback – increased food prices as there is a belief that THE ACTION WILL CAUSE A FARM LABOR SHORTAGE. On the plus side, prices for hotels and construction should go down, right?

The woman who was attacked and beheaded in Oklahoma some weeks back in yet another PLRI unrelated “workplace violence” incident, DIED FROM BEING BEHEADED. Yep, you read that right, she fought for her life, and the PLRI convert killed her by cutting her head off. The President will, no doubt, take time in the next few days to speak about this unbelievable act of violence and how a deep and abiding mistrust exists between people who just want to go to work and PLRI converts.

The President plans TO VETO A LOT OF BILLS over the next two years. Raise your hand if you are at all surprised?


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