And So This Is Christmas…

As Saturday unfolded we watched in horror, not just as two Police Officers were assassinated, but at the reaction of those who continue to both rejoice in the act of a madman, and at those who seem hell-bent on rationalizing the act. We may never know everything in the mind and heart of the murderer, since like a coward, he killed himself shortly after.

ramos goodbyeAnd so the rampant anger will begin with flaming posts and self-righteous anger. How many will notice the ethnicities of the two Police Officers involved? How many of those who justify these killings would be willing to sit down with Officer Ramos’ son and explain to him why you feel his father needed to die to satisfy your idea of “justice?”

I want to know if those who seem to support the killing of these officers – and believe me, they will soon begin posting about how they don’t support violence per se, but… they “understand the anger” and the Police “brought it on” and so forth – would rather have the justice system we have replaced with one where a mad crowd determines guilt or innocence along with punishment?

When we turn to the killer, what do we find as the “instrument of justice?” A man who has had multiple arrests but managed to get some of the most serious charges dropped seems hardly like a man who reason to hate the Justice system. But we also find a man who posted on Instagram what he planned to do, shot his former girlfriend and was already on the run for that crime, and who may have been connected to a NYC Gang that wanted to kill Cops. He may have been acting on their behalf, but the Feds say that he was not. A man WHO MAY BE A PLRI supporter, and a man who, despite some of the toughest gun laws in the Country managed to get a gun and use it to attack three people, killing two of them.

The reaction in NYC was something to behold as Mayor de Blasio walked into the hospital where the officers had been taken. Numerous Officers TURNED THEIR BACKS ON HIM as he walked by, representing their belief that the Mayor has turned his back on the officers.

I have said for weeks that I believe that the Criminal Grand Jury process is badly flawed. In fact, I’ve said it since last spring when Chatroom Jeff, Pat the Lawyer and I sat down on Constitution Thursday and pulled apart the Kaley Decision from the Supreme Court. It is a bad system, manipulated by politics and the belief that DA’s have that conviction rates are more important than getting it right. (By the by, that is a general statement based on cases from across the nation and NOT a shot at anybody in particular so don’t try to twist it into something that it is not.) The lack of a defense before a Grand Jury was exposed in Kaley and in #Ferguson, and perhaps even in Garner.


Yet another Officer was killed on Sunday, this time in A TARPON SPRINGS SHOOTOUT that will go virtually unnoticed thanks to the NYC event.

The President reiterated that – by definition – the Sony hack IS NOT AN ACT OF WAR. Legally that is correct, although morally it remains ambiguous. Meanwhile, the comments he made regarding Sony’s “mistake” may have FORCED SONY TO RELEASE THE FILM anyway. Meanwhile the whole film angle MAY BE A RED HERRING ANYWAY given the Glorious Peoples Demokratick Republick of Korea’s recent activities’.

The Hacker Group ANONYMOUS SAYS THAT THEY WILL RELEASE THE FILM, hinting that they both hacked Sony before the PDRK and already have the film.

Bravo Zulu to the Royal Malaysian Navy, who STOPPED AN ATTEMPT TO GRAVE ROB THE HMS PRINCE OF WALES this week. Well done!

Today is my final “real” show of 2014. It marks the completion of eight full years of the show, for which I am eternally grateful and of which I am quite proud. It seems as if every year there are challenges and changes, but what remains at the end of each day, each week, month and year, is you, the listener and me. Together we have gone through some historic times, and we stand on the edge of yet another year looking forward to even more interesting stories, fun, and learning together. I am going to stand down for the next two weeks – with the exception of Monday the 29th, which will be the annul anti-DUI show – and spend time with Ben.

I wanted to say “Thank you” again to each and every one of you that listens, regardless of whether or not you agree with me, or even like the show, the reason there is a show at all, is because of you. It is an amazing honor to have the privilege to bend our ear for a few hours each weekday. Also, let me say a very special word of appreciation to three people – John Considine, Kevin Fox and Jordan Serpa. In what has become the “Year of Three Producers,” each of these guys has left their mark on what the show is and made it better in their own ways. I am proud to work with them, and to count them among my friends.

I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas, last few days of Hanukkah and a very blessed and Happy 2015.

See you on the 29th for the Annual Anti-DUI show with the Behind the Badge crew, and then back for 2015 on the 5th of January!


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