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A Drunk State Senator

A Drunk State Senator

Good news for Senator Ben Hueso this morning, HE PLED HIS DUI CHARGE DOWN TO A “WET & RECKLESS,” meaning that it will only cost him an $1100 fine and three years probation. The good Senator gets this deal after trying to murder people in the streets of Sacramento after a booze party at your Capitol during which he was photographed and tweeted holding booze and schmoozing with his fellow lawmakers on the Capitol balcony. He then got into his car, knowing that he had been drinking, and proceeded to drive our streets with complete and utter disregard for the safety, lives and property of the very citizens he swore an oath to protect. Don’t worry though… he’s better than you. I am also certain that as a member of the Transportation and Housing Committee, he will be certain to do whatever he can to help rid our streets permanently of people who drink and drive. Perhaps as a part of his duties for the Education Committee, he can attend an “Every 15 Minutes” program or two, and contemplate just how stupid of a thing he did? Of course he will, because he’s the peoples servant, don’t ya know…?

On the heels of the report of a diamond ring in a Salvation Army Red Kettle in South Dakota last week come another DIAMOND RING DONATED IN MODESTO. It’s a two-carat ring, and could be worth as much as $5000.

SecDefThe Defense Department announced today that the Secretary of Defense, ahem, I mean the President of the United States, has directed that an addition 1300 American troops be sent to Iraq.

George Clooney, who’s politics I dislike, but who’s movies I admit I enjoy, has said that WE CANNOT BE TOLD WHAT MOVIES WE CAN SEE BY KIM JUNG-UN. While I get his sentiment, he’s wrong. We ARE being told what movies we can see by Kim Jung-Un, and worse, because of this, believe me, we will be told by other aggrieved parties in the future what we can and cannot watch. Everybody agrees that Kim Jung-Un should not be dictating to us, but nobody has any clue what to do about it. And in the inaction lies the seeds of future dictates. Hollywood loves to make movies critical of history, so how about I pitch an idea for a film about how Hollywood caved to Kim Jung-Un and then lost what was left of its soul to regulations designed to prevent offending anybody and more dictates from third world thugs and religious zealots?

The Jerry Brown Memorial Straws – otherwise known as the Tunnels – have HAD  MAJOR CHANGE TO THE PLAN. The giant electrically powered pumps have been dropped. Hmmm…. I wonder why?

The State has a big problem with its Data Systems, in that THEY ARE COMPLETELY UNRELIABLE. From backlogs on entries to unauditable financial information, the State found that 17 of 53 systems are basically useless.

I am so confused here… the City of Modesto paid a consulting company to come up with $1 Million in non-binding pledges, which aren’t worth the paper they are printed upon – to try and lure commercial airline service to LA back to Modesto. Now the CITY SAYS THAT THE FLIGHTS COULD START NEXT YEAR, but the only company they’ve approached – the same one, btw that left the City after losing business –  says that sure, they’ve had talks, but that they have no plans to resume service to or from Modesto.


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