Bend Over, America…

Bend over, America. Kim's got something for you...

Bend over, America. Kim’s got something for you…

Three years after he rose to power following the demise of his father, Kim Il-Sung, KIM JONG-UN IS CELEBRATING THE ANNIVERSARY OF HIS ASSUMPTION OF PDRK LEADERSHIP by enjoying his takedown of Sony and the cowering of the American People far more afraid of his vague, unconformable threats of “9/11 type attacks” than by his nuclear arsenal and ballistic missiles to put them on for use against the west. How odd is it that the practical concerns about the cost of insurance for the “what if something does happen” – North Korean or otherwise – if the film is shown is causing Americans to  retreat faster than nuclear arms.

ANOTHER MOVIE ABOUT NORTH KOREA HAS BEEN SHELVED over the fracas. This time with Steve Carroll. PRDK 2 America 0

By the by, if you’re in Texas, the Alamo Drafthouse WILL SHOW TEAM AMERICA IN PLACE OF THE INTERVIEW. As yet, no comment from the GOP.

Back when I was in Seminary (1991-93, I had a good friend who – along with his wife – was actually from Cuba. And by that, I mean that he had come to the school not from Miami after leaving Cuba, I mean that he was from Cuba. In point of fact, his father was the religious leader for our denomination (The Salvation Army) in Cuba. Needless to say I was somewhat taken aback as I did not know that the communist regime of the Castro’s allowed a church to function, but they did, albeit with strict controls, but I also did not know that Cubans could and did travel to the US. It was an eye opener on many levels, including getting a visit from the Navy (which I had just left) who wanted to make sure that I wasn’t telling this guy anything he could take back to Cuba and use against us. Not that I ever would, but I often wondered what exactly I could have told him that in any way would have or even possibly could have useful to the Cubans. In any case, it became clear to me that Cuba wasn’t quite as rigid as I had come to believe. By chance, I was able to talk to actual Cubans, from whom I learned that (a) Cuban coffee is amazing and (b) they hated the Castro regime, but believed that the way to bring peace and prosperity to themselves was by serving G-d. While my own feelings about the Presidents actions yesterday may lack passion, I am sure that my old friends are thanking G-d today.

I can live with that.

The first ground clash between US Forces and ISIS fighters was reported to have happened on Tuesday, IT DID NOT GO WELL FOR THE TERRORISTS. But really, who is surprised that a bunch of cowardly bullies lost to professional soldiers?

In Wisconsin, where the real Americans live, Marquette University seems to be TELLING ITS EMPLOYEES THAT HAVING AN OPINION THAT OFFENDS ANYBODY will not be tolerated. How odd that at a University, nobody can have, let alone express, an unapproved politically correct opinion. Yet another reason that you do not actually need a college education.

Michelle Malkin has expressed her opinion (unapproved by Marquette University) on Jeb Bush, and she feels that HE IS JUST A WATERBOY FOR THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.

Looks like 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh will be leaving to go back to Michigan. It’s the nature of the game and the business. Rather than stay and fix what he broke, he’ll get  high paying (and in this case, tax payer funded) gig coaching elsewhere while somebody else comes in to clean up the mess. Frankly this is why coaches like Tom Landry, Chuck Knoll, Bill Walsh, et al were so respected. They could not only build a winning team, but when the rest of the league caught up, they could adapt and do it again. These modern three year and done coaches aren’t as smart as they get credit for being, but they are well paid.

Like many observers, I was a bit surprised that the Obama Executive Action on Immigration LOST A CASE BEFORE A FEDERAL JUDGE IN PITTSBURGH. I still think that ultimately, the SCOTUS will side with precedent, but  lower Court Judge doesn’t have to do so if he/she feels otherwise. In many ways, the lower courts have become the NFL Referees, letting an unsure pay go on because they know that replay will “get it right” later on. Don’t get me wrong, I oppose the Presidents actions, certainly they violate the spirit of the Constitution if not the letter. But as I laid out the legal case for you, the Courts have already ruled on this matter.  If Congress isn’t willing to stop it, the Courts aren’t going to either. And in case you haven’t noticed, the Congress isn’t planning on or even wanting to stop the President. Now they can get what they and their donors want, with none of the blame if it doesn’t work out.

Outgoing Senator Tom Coburn has built a reputation for thriftiness and pointing out government waste. His final act in the senate was to OPPOSE THE CLAY ACT FOR VETERANS which would provide $22 Million to the VA to help prevent veteran suicides. his opposition is rooted in his principles against government waste, but its hard to see how this expenditure meets that definition. The IAVA answered his critique of the bill, but he stood firm and singlehandedly blocked the bill, which will be reintroduced (and passed) in the new Congress. If we are going to send our kids to war – and Coburn did vote to do just that – then Congress has a moral obligation to provide for their needs when they return. Tom Coburn stood against waste for his entire career, which will now be defined by his willingness to waste veterans lives.


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