163370692-1024x775I didn’t get a chance to ask Arnie yesterday if he would be okay with Hillary Clinton running even though she would be “just like her husband.” Presumably sans cigars. As for Jeb Bush running, the Godfather, rush, pretty much nailed it yesterday. The reason he is running is TO ERADICATE THE CONSERVATIVE AND TEA PARTY INFLUENCE in the GOP. Bush 45 is a dyed in the wool Republican, but nobody would ever mistake him for a Conservative. Some, like my good friend, Rusty Humphries, are CONCERNED ABOUT THE DYNASTIC APPEARANCE of electing our Presidents from basically two families, with the occasional placeholder. In any case, the whole “actively considering exploring the possibility” is a bunch of double-speak and gobbeldy-gook to hide the fact that he IS running until he can’t (by is own admission) win in the Primaries. Even that my not be enough to keep him out. Arnie’s input from yesterday notwithstanding, there are few people of understanding who think that Jeb is a political clone of either his brother or Father. The accusation is simply a means of appealing to people who refuse to think for themselves by calling Jeb, George.

US Contractor Alan Gross was released by Cuba this morning, as a part of a BROADER RELAXATION OF RELATIONS BETWEEN THE US AND CUBA. The best tweet on this so far today comes from my friend Mike, a baseball writer in New York City who tweets: “I assume the primary reason the US might normalize relations with Cuba is that Obama just saw a full season of Jose Abreu w ChiSox.” It’s as good an explanation as any…

Adding insult to injury, the man who had to be rescued from Orestimba Creek yesterday ALSO GOT A CITATION, probably for being stupid enough to drive into a flooded creek in the first place. Oh… and they left his truck right there in the water!

After yesterdays threats from the “Guardians of Peace” about the theaters that would show “The Interview,” ONE THEATER CHAIN HAS DECIDED TO DROP THE FILM FROM ITS LINEUP. I am wondering if a better way to oppose the terroristic threat would be for pretty much everybody in American t go see the film on its opening weekend?

I guess I have been a victim of racism myself, since almost every time I go to Target I GET ASKED TO GET SOMETHING OFF OF A SHELF for somebody. I’ve never thought of it as a racist attack before, but now, I kind of feel sorry for the next person who asks me to help them reach something placed up high on the shelf. I also hope that it is not an elf. Check out on Twitter.


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  1. Dave, upon the completion of the call with “Arnie”, you asked if he was a Marxist, or s Socialist. I truly don’t think he even knows. I believe, however, he *is* a “Useful Idiot”, who just follows blindly that which his puppetmasters proclaim to be the truth.

    Like you said, he probably has no idea just who Jeb Bush is. As don’t I, either….

    But I agree, time for some new blood that actually IS new blood.


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