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Leondra Kruger -Nominee to the CA Supreme Court

Leondra Kruger -Nominee to the CA Supreme Court

Odds on favorite is that you have not heard the name Leondra Kruger before. But now you will know that she is the latest NOMINEE BY JERRY BROWN FOR THE CALIFORNIA SUPREME COURT. She is not without controversy, in that she is not, by definition, a Californian. She resides in Washington, D.C., where she works as a Deputy US Attorney and has for many years. The nomination has led some in the State to ask if there were not any qualified African-American candidates for the position, a question that the Governor is sure to avoid answering any time soon. She has spent most of her adult life outside of California, and while she was a member of the California bar until 2009, she has virtually no experience practicing law in California. Her main case before the Supreme Court in 2011, was to argue the Obama Administrations position to curtail the “ministerial exemption,” which currently allows religious organizations to avoid some discrimination laws in their hiring practices. She lost that case, but that did not hurt her climb through the system, and she is regarded as a “superstar” in the law world. Clearly losing didn’t hurt her in the view of Governor Brown who has nominated her to the High Court, where the Democrats will approve her and We the People will have no say in her appointment until November of 2018, at which point, based on the results of previous elections, she will get around 60% approval of the voters to remain on the bench for another twelve years.

Many of us were wondering yesterday how Man Haron Monis, the Sydney PLRI Terrorist, was out on bail given the serious charges he was already facing before he went on his one man PLRI attack. In May of this year, Australia passed a new law to loosen bail for serious crimes by “REMOVING THE DECADE OLD PRESUMPTION AGAINST BAIL FOR A SUITE OF SERIOUS OFFENSES.” Apparently including accessory to murder and sexual assault. The Magistrate said that she had identified two problems for Mr. Monis – (1) that he was a danger to the safety of his victims and (2) that he might try to interfere with witnesses. She was overruled and the bail was issued despite the concerns raised under the new regulations. The government has already announced that the new law was causing issues and was returning to more strict limits on bail for serious offenses, but not until January. It would, of course, still have been too late for the two victims of Monday’s attack, but perhaps it might prevent another tragedy. The bigger question is whether or not those who supported the loosening of the bail standards to begin with will ever be compelled to account for their mistake?

By now, you’ve no doubt heard the story of the LOCAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY WHO HAS BEEN BANNED FROM THE COUNTY JAIL after Deputies say they caught her sitting on inmate clients lap with her hands down his pants and his hand up her skirt. She says that didn’t happen and this is just “retaliation” for a lawsuit she’s filed against the Department for limiting inmates health care. So who to believe? The inmate says – through the Lawyers defense attorney, Mary Lynn Belsher – that he wants to keep her as his lawyer. I find it hard to believe that there wouldn’t be surveillance video of the incident, so if did happen, it shouldn’t be hard to prove it, right? Then again, why would a Deputy make up such a story? Why would a professional Defense Lawyer allow herself to be in a situation that could be perceived as less than correct? There is so much going on here and given the situation with legal issues in our county right now, it’s not hard to imagine this is a set up of some sort.

Are you endlessly worried about your California Congress-people losing their jobs and whatever they will do after the leave the Hall of Congress? After all, there are rules about them becoming lobbyists. As it turns out, you needn’t worry, THEY HAVE WAYS AROUND THOSE RULES that make sure that they get big paydays for using their legislative influence!

The President tried to tell a joke to some troops. IT WASN’T FUNNY. Military people aren’t all that amused by pandering and a person being condescending about what we do from a person who has never done it himself.

In Russia, the sanctions seem to having some effect as INTEREST RATES HIT 17% THIS WEEK. The plummeting price of oil, designed by OPEC to hurt the US Fracking oil gains, is also killing the Russians. The rate increase was announced in middle of the night and is widely seen as an act of desperation by the Russian banks. don’t kid yourself, Putin will still not pull out of Ukraine.

If, after everything that has happened over the past twelve years or even the last twelve weeks, you FIND YOURSELF JUST ONE INCH FROM LEAVING THE GOP, I have to wonder what it is going to take to move you that last inch? Pictures of John Boehner kicking children in the face? Nice…


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