A very special Happy Birthday to the BILL OF RIGHTS!

Over the weekend we drove to Tehachapi to visit my folks and let Ben spend time with his Grandma. The way down was socked in with clouds and rain, but coming home on Sunday the clouds had lifted and in the clear and cold air, the Sierra Nevada’s were snow crested and absolutely stunningly beautiful. I often say that this State, California, is the most beautiful. I’ve been to forty-seven states, lived in twelve of them and this is the place that is the most physically gorgeous in the world. If we could get our politics to match our beauty, this place would be heaven on Earth. All we can do is keep trying.

King Philippe, Queen MathildeRecently the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge was held. As a part of the celebration, THE KING AND QUEEN OF BELGIUM THREW NUTS TO THE CROWD. You may not get it, but it’s one of the classic moments of the Second World War. Surrounded by the Germans surprise offensive, elements of the 101st Airborne Division was encircled and isolated in the little ton of Bastogne. When the Germans demanded the surrender of the American forces, General McAuliffe, who was known for his lack of harsh language, struggled to find the right words to reply. One of his Aides suggested that his original one word response upon reading the demand was perfect. And so, the General had the single word reply typed up and delivered to the Germans:

To the German Commander:


The American Commander

Four days later, the lead elements of the US Army’s 4th Armored Division reach the town and helped relieve the General and his paratroopers. So the King and Queen tossing nuts to the crowd is perfect, in my mind. Hopefully, the gesture will be an encouragement to people around the world to learn what happened and how one man’s response to a surrender demand has gone down in history.

Even as I watch this this morning, Police have stormed the Sydney Chocolate Store where a “self-styled” Jihadist had taken customers and staff hostage. Turns out that this guy is a real winner, well known to Sydney Police, with charges like accessory to murder in his wife’s killing, sending hate mail to the families of dead Soldiers and for good measure, being a convicted sex offender (who really is surprised that a “Jihadist” is a sex offender?). He also decided to make himself a “Sheikh,” which in Arabic roughly means that he has made himself royalty. Oh and he’s a “spiritual healer” which is code for religious fraud looking for victims. By the time we get to air this afternoon, we should have more details available.

Oddly enough, Australians are concerned that the hostages taken by the thought that THE HOSTAGES MIGHT BE TORTURED by the insane PLRI terrorist. They shouldn’t worry. If there is any “torture,” Senator Feinstein will release a report about it just in time to supress an actual news story that she doesn’t like.

Also, given Australia’s rather severe restrictions on guns, how does a self-styled Sheikh, looney-toon PLRI convicted sex offender, suspected murdered and known harasser, get his hands on a gun?

In the middle of this mess, Uber, which has enough issues already, decided to jack up its pricing scale in Sydney. They were FORCED TO BACK DOWN BY THE OUTCRY, but really, why would they do that given the problems they already face worldwide?

Sony Corporation wants the MEDIA TO STOP REPORTING ON THE HACKED eMAILS that the North Koreans are slowly releasing. Putting side for the moment the 1st Amendment issues here, it raises an interesting question or two doesn’t it? The #Ferguson riots were basically  media created event, with wall-to-wall coverage in effect, encouraging if not causing the destruction. During the Second Word War, the media was briefed in on numerous attack plans, but chose not to divulge the information. Now here is Sony, asking the Media not to help North Korea destroy an American Hollywood studio. What should the reaction be to Sony’s request? Given what we have learned about the Sony Executives and their real behind the scenes attitudes and beliefs, would Sony practice what they are asking for if they had the opportunity to not make a movie critical of the country or the Armed Services?

I need to get Ben to the Doctor this morning, but we’ll have the latest on Sydney at 3pm. See ya’ll then!


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