Pink Eye!


Pink Eye Ben!

It’s been the week that never ends! Now Ben has Pink Eye, and I am washing my hands every two minutes because we do not have a single drop of hand sanitizer anywhere in the house! I cannot afford to come down with conjunctivitis, given my own history and problems with eye problems, so like I sad, I am in “Keep being sympathetic parent, but don’t touch me!” mode. Tonight was supposed to have been his first pre-school Christmas Show, but now he will not be able to go.

After everything was said and done last night, I was off by ninety minutes. The HOUSE PASSED THE ONE YEAR OMNIBUS BILL which does fully fund the ACA and the Executive Action taken by the President to grant amnesty to upwards of five million illegal immigrants. I’d opine that I sure hope they know what they are doing, but since I already am pretty sure that they do, I am not going to worry about it. The simple truth is that the only problem that the GOP Leadership has with the Executive “Action,” is that they didn’t get any credit for it. Now they get to say that they paid for it. As for the ACA (Obamacare, he loves that name!), it’s over and done with. By the time the GOP gets the House, Senate and White House, it will be impossible to repeal or defund.

Not that I really care, but I hear that Angelina Jolie came face-to-face last night with the gal who wrote the eMails disparaging her and her directorial debut. what I do care about is that her movie is UNBROKEN, the incredible story of a US Army Air Corps Soldier, Louis Zamperini. Now that Hollywood has once again managed to turn the story from the amazing service and sacrifice of our Soldiers and Veterans to a ridiculous cat fight via eMail, one has to wonder if the film, already snubbed by the Golden Globes, will have any impact at all? Now you can tell me that it was the North Koreans who did it, but it’s Hollywood. There is no such thing as “bad publicity,” at least when it comes to keeping the right names in the news. Trust me, nobody is talking about Louis Zamperini today in Hollywood.

Which is really too bad, because IT’S AN AMAZING STORY and oddly enough, NOT ALL THAT POPULAR IN JAPAN. What I do not hear from Japanese Liberals is how the release of this book and movie will help Japan regain its “moral authority” by exposing the actual torture and murder of POW’s. As long as we are comparing the CIA to the Nazi’s and Khmer Rouge, we may as well bring in Imperial Japan.

PG&E is on the verge of losing control of its SERVICE IN MANTECA, RIPON, AND ESCALON. Now again, I have no particular axe to grind in favor of SSJID, but whatever happens is basically the fault of PG&E for their own incompetence and failures. I do have serious questions as to how exactly SSJID can guarantee a 15% savings, and there is still the issue of the “loan” to the City of Manteca after which councilmember’s who ran on opposing the takeover suddenly and without explanation changed their positions and voted 7-0 to support the SSJID takeover. I’ve never gotten a valid answer for that change of heart, but I still have my challenge out there… put that “loan” in a context where it doesn’t look like a bribe, and maybe I’ll buy into the whole thing. Otherwise, this is just PAU – Politics as usual. Somebody is making a lot of money on the deal, and it’s not you or me.

The involvement of up to twelve additional sailors in the USS WYOMING SHOWER FILM SCANDAL does not surprise me at all. In fact, I am little surprised that it is only twelve, but my guess is that those are the Sailors who actually have a copy of the videos as opposed to simply saw them. I have not changed my basic position – women do not belong on submarines. But I am very disappointed by these actions, and the level of professionalism and honor demonstrated by the filmer and those who gave him an outlet.


Avalon Hill’s Game – SUBMARINE

A little bit of “inside baseball” when it comes to me. In my High School days at Ogden High (Utah), I became involved with my three best friends, Lee, Mike and Mick, with Avalon Hill board games, otherwise known as “war games.” For nearly two years, we played every Tuesday and Saturday nights, often well into the wee morning hours, learning out history and enjoying the competition, which at times actually came to blows. On into my time in the Navy I played these games, which were eventually pushed aside and out of business by the computer game revolution. But I still have many of my games on the shelves and in boxes. Last night, I was surfing and came across the VASSAL Game engine, which allows those of us who play these games to still play them via the interwebs. So just like the old days, I was up until the wee hours of the morning downloading all the modules for favorite games and then loading them up. It’s like a giant time machine… and it’s full of pleasant memories as well as excitement for the future!


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