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00545To Americans, the attack on Pearl Harbor has always been poignant and the ultimate act of treachery. Even as the last of the survivors of that day pass into history, we continue to remind ourselves each year that vigilance and preparation are what defend freedom and prevent such an act of deceitfulness from ever happening again. On Monday, December 8, 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt asked a joint session of the Congress to declare war on Japan.

In Japan today, the attack on Pearl Harbor is not taught in schools, and is historically understood not as the beginning of a war, but rather the continuation of A WAR THAT SOUGHT TO DENY JAPAN ITS SURVIVAL. Many Japanese today know little of the attack, its reasons or even its consequences, beyond the broad idea that atomic firepower was used against her.

Historians will no doubt argue the different interpretations long after all of us are gone. And with the passing of the WWII generation, there will be “re-interpretations” of events to fit whatever social agenda permeates the era which seeks to find relevance from the past.

But it was 73 years ago today was one of the last times that CONGRESS LAST DECLARED WAR.

Wherever you may be on the Eric Garner death, are you AWARE THAT THE OFFICER INVOLVED HAS QUITE A RECORD of abuse lawsuits and actions? While you can argue that at least one of them was “settled,” wouldn’t that make any reasonable supervisor cautious about using him in a role where any arrest might be made?


Jihad Ahmed Mujstafa Diyab

Over the weekend it became known that the Administration, still hell bent on closing GitMo, HAS RELEASED SIX MORE DETAINEES, this time to the nation of Uruguay. The rationale for this release of six captures AQ leaders is arguably less than anything we got in return, than it is an example of why Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel was fired. The deal to send the six to Montevideo was consummated last spring, but Hagel dragged his feet and pretty much refused to sign off on the deal had jammed up this transfer and most of the other proposed releases to clear out the prison. An now you understand why Chuck Hagel had to be fired. He believes that the PRLI groups like the AQ and ISIL are actually dangerous, while the Administration believes that NASA outreach wit a few pictures of Pluto will make them our friends. Unlike the group we exchanged for the traitor Berghahl, it does not appear certain that these six will be monitored extensively as they enjoy Christmas in South America.

Just an aside observation, is it not a faux pas to transfer six GitMo terrorists out of our control on Sunday, December 7th? Or do you think that the Administration even looked t the optics of that?

Some exciting science news this morning, the NEW HORIZONS PROBE SENT TO PLUTO has responded to its wake up call! Soon we may see the former planet in a way we’ve never seen it before. The limits of our knowledge will increase and we will be take another step on our journey to discover the boundaries of the Cosmos. After last weeks discussion of Orion, there were some who felt that this is a waste of resources. I have never agreed for a simple reason: to understand our place in the Cosmos, we have to know and understand the Cosmos. We can’t do that sitting on the couch watching Gilligan’s Island reruns. The idea of manned space exploration is becoming more an more problematic as we learn the dangers of our galaxy, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try. The numbers are pretty clear, IF there is intelligent life out there, it should (Drake) have been discovered by now. The flip side of that equation is that it is possible that WE are the leading intelligence in the Cosmos. In which case it is incumbent upon us to find out what else is out there. Your life today, the devices you hold in your hands as you go through your normal daily activity came about because of the needs of space exploration. Every one of us has had out lives effected by it. It’s time to seriously search for the answers that are out there. If we have the courage and the drive to go and find them.


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