I’ve Got a Lot To Say to You

prohibition-repealed-article-1Eighty-one years ago today, the great experiment in morality ended with THE END OF PROHIBITION. I still remember the conversation with my Dad who continued to vote for the Prohibitionist Party candidates well into the late 1970’s. You might think that’s a little weird, but keep in mind that long before there was a drug problem in the United States, there was an alcohol problem, and Dad ran The Salvation Army’s skid row mission in Denver when I was a kid. So we saw the dark side long before we ever saw the positives. Including our stuff being stolen by wino’s to pawn for a bottle. The more things change, the more they really don’t. Pure Libertarians often point to Prohibition as their prime example of why drugs should be legalized. Oddly enough I haven’t found anybody who deals with the social destruction drugs and alcohol cause who thinks that the end of prohibition “cured” anything whatsoever. If we lived n  nation where there was actual personal responsibility for ones actions, then perhaps the legalization of destructive chemicals would be acceptable, but we do not. We live in a world where the drunkest driver will blame the bar and the highest druggie will blame his parents and mental illness for whatever destruction he causes.

Tony DeSare joins us in studio today. Tony is one of the true greats when it comes to music today, and he is just fun and pleasant to listen to when he sings. We even brought in a piano to the studio so make sure you don’t miss him on the show or at the Gallo Center tonight and tomorrow!

 Across the US, says the New York Times, PROTESTORS ARE FILLING THE STREETS over what it (the NYT) opines is the “abuse” of black men by the monolithic and homogenous “Police.” Already the complaints are starting (see the Modesto Bee today) that the Body Camera’s “don’t work” as the Grand Jury’s still fail to indict white police officers even with Body cam evidence. Nobody seems to ask the obvious question, so I will, is it possible that the body cameras are proving that the officers were correct? In that case it appears that the complaint is that the Grand Jurys aren’t indicting people just to please the mob. Way to protect the republick there, media…

Of course Tony Romo had a great game last night… my team is out of the playoffs for the Fantasy Football League…

This years’ Flu is proving to be problematic, with at least one of the five known strains not being covered by the annual vaccine. As THE FU RAGES ACROSS THE ST. LOUIS AREA, I am waiting for the AHTers to take to the airwaves and explain to us that this is the Governments way of suppressing protests.

EPA Rules and regulations are FORCING THE CLOSURE OF MORE COAL FIRED PLANTS. The President once said that electricity rates would “necessarily skyrocket.”

Fast Food workers are DEMANDING $15/HOUR WAGES in the local area. I was bemused by a sign one of the protestors was carrying, which read “Whatever it takes.” Presumably she means that the $15/hour is her demand, regardless of whatever it takes to get that. Which it is also obvious she has not considered what it might very well take to get whatever Fast Food workers are left that $15/hour. I’m willing to bet that she won’t be among the remainder.

As of yesterday, in Manteca it is now “illegal” for homeless – or anybody else for that matter – to pee or crap on the sidewalks or to build an encampment in the City. As ou know, this has caused some dude who calls himself “Kissing Fish” on Facebook and an outfit known as “Brave New Films” (It’s neither) to declare Manteca to be evil and even “Sodomites.” Of course, both are curiously silent on the way that the French Socialists have decided to treat their Homeless population, which has an eerie feel from the past.  That’s right, the French Socialists have DECIDED TO MAKE HOMELESS PEOPLE WEAR YELLOW BADGES. I doubt seriously that Kissing Fish or BNF have even noticed, let alone have the same level of outrage over the French actions as they do over Manteca. (By the by, is that Robert Downey, Jr. in that picture?)


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  1. Good morning Daveç
    First on prohibition. I have come to the conclusion that lawyers are the root of while we don’t take responsibility for what we do wrong.
    Second. Tony was absolutely fantastic to listen to on Friday. I wish I could have heard more.
    3rd. I’m waiting for the first case to hit the courts about tge body cameras. In todays world people tend to denied everything even the other caught on camera. The ol. “Thats not me” is what the courts are going to hear. Plus. I was not told I was being recorded.
    4th. Kissing Fish can suck eggs! The man makes no sence at all.
    5th. Sorry about your fantasy league. At least the Broncos are on top of there game. If they make it to the super bowl. Let hope they actually win it. Last year was so sad.
    Last of all. DO PEOPLE realize that if min-wage hits $15 an hour. That a hamburger will cost them about $20! Plus the fast food worker never stands a chance of moving up in the company. Because most management is salary & corps will most likely bring in outside help to do that work. Plus hourly people will never get more then 20 hours a week. I can see it now. Just to flip a hamburger at McDonalds you have to be willing to except a salary rather than a hourly wage.
    Have a wonderful day Dave.


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