Predicting the Sunrise


USS Wyoming SSBN-742

As to the Navy Second Class Petty Officer who FILMED THE USS WYOMING’S FEMALE OFFICERS IN THE SHOWER and then distributed the tapes, here’s the thing: he is a scumbag. The Navy should, and I believe will, provide the proper discipline at the appropriate time. He should lose his Dolphins (Submarine Qualification) and should be registered as a sex offender. All of that is appropriate and proper.

At the same time, somebody in the Navy should have to answer for why this absolutely as-certain-as-the-sunrise thing happened. Putting women on submarines, which are not and never have been designed to be co-educational, is NOT Branch Rickey putting Jackie Robinson on the field to face Ben Chapman’s barbs and insults. They Navy had to KNOW that this type of invasive violation of privacy was 100% for certain going to occur. They had to know because (a) its the stuff of legend in the sub fleet and (b) it was already happening in the surface fleet. Even the comedy movie, “Down Periscope,” starring Kelsey Grammer and Lauren Holly had a scene in which the female submarine officer’s privacy is violated. The Navy knew that this was going to happen and sent these women in anyway, as experiments in social engineering. To try and make the point that anything designed as a unisex ship of war can be made into a co-educational social statement.

And I’ll tell you something else that nobody is talking about – if you think that there is no “banter” that would shock the sensitivities of Admirals and polite society going on aboard USS Wyoming, including both sexes, you’re delusional. My time aboard my boat, USS Michigan, would not be traded for anything or any other time in my life. But let’s be truthful and say upfront that it is a different world, one that requires a different mindset and a different level of commitment. What we think of as funny or acceptable humor in our comfortable world is not what it is underwater. I never considered a guy grabbing my ass as I walked by the mess decks a “sexual assault” because it wasn’t. I never considered the Miss Michigan contest on half-way night a form of harassment, because it wasn’t. Even the most holy of thumpers dropped their ribald jokes and read dime novels and Playboys. With the laptops and technology available today, believe me, there’s more of that rather than less.

A US Navy Ballistic Missile Submarine is designed for one purpose – to deliver it’s load of nuclear weapons to the target. Period. If you’ve thought about that at all, you’ll understand why stress relief becomes an important thing aboard a ship where the enlisted crew sleeps between 24 missile tubes, which I can neither confirm or deny are armed with nuclear weapons.

The Navy knew all of that, and sent these women in there anyway. The privacy violation was foreordained to happen, it was only a question of when, where and how the Navy will use it to further political correctness and social engineering.

Meanwhile, the Peoples Demokratick Republick of North Korea is BRINGING BACK GOLF II CLASS BALLISTIC MISSILE SUBMARINES for it’s own nefarious purposes.

Will Hizz Honor the Emperor of New York City de Blasio take any responsibility for his inane taxation and policing policies that led to the death of Eric Garner? Of course, not, Dave. What are you thinking?

The woman suspected of stabbing and killing an American woman in an Abu Dhabi shopping mall while wearing a burqa has been arrested. Turns out SHE’S QUITE THE PEACE LOVING SUBMISSIVE ACTIVIST (very heavy sarcasm) on behalf of deity who can’t seem to seal the deal for himself.

By the by, in case you missed it – and you did – according to the PLRI, saying “Merry Christmas” IS “WORSE THAN MURDER.” Yep, only in the PLRI can a common Holiday greeting be considered an insult worse than actually stabbing a person to death in  shopping mall.

Jon Fleischman of the Flash Report has SOME GREAT ADVICE FOR NEW GOP LEGISLATORS to ignore.


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  1. Once again Dave. A very interesting blog. I have never served in our military. But I respect every young man and young lady that joins.
    I have alway question. Why! Our military gave in to the woman liberation act. That pushed this throw.
    Let me clarify when you have hundreds of young men with raging hormones and you put in a few young ladies. there are bound to be some problems but yet nobody thought about that when they decided to enact women on submarines and ships, that go out to sea for months at a time
    I’m not condoning the actions of the young man is that filmed the lady in the shower. But im sure it had to cross someones mind somewhere that something like this my happen.
    Our military is the best in the world. Filled will proud young men & woman. But they are human. Maybe we need to rethink this & figure out a way to integrate the women in our Navy so that things like this never happen again.

    As for the Eric deal in NY. I am a man of color.And have had my fair sshare of Rachel backlash. But I found if I dont break any laws and be a normal citizen. The police and I can actually be good friends. After all they are people too. But I do feel the grand jury system is broke. when you have your prosecution attorney Housed within the police department and they get to know each other on a personal basis. this is a major problem. how can you convic someone you’ve known for years?
    This system needs to go away and fast!
    I believe everyone including the police are entitled to a fair and equal trial. But how do we achieve this? Get rid of the Grand Jury process & rehouse the prosecuting attorneys, making conversation between the police and them by phone or computer so there is no personal attachment. This may not be 100%. But its a start..
    Once again. Thank You for your service Dave. And Thank You for once of the most excellent Radio shows on the planet.

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  2. Thanks, Grandpa Amigo


  3. I agree completely the the offender, after due process, needs to be suitably punished, including IMHO an all-hands event complete with drummer and the ceremonial ripping of his badges and rank off his dress uniform, but I totally disagree with him being registered as a sex offender.

    When this whole registry business started its purpose was to identify individuals in the community that posed a potential risk. It has been perverted so that a person on the registry might have been convicted of abduction and raped a five year old, or maybe they were 18 and got caught with their 16 year-old girlfriend, or maybe they were caught streaking, or maybe they sent a naked picture to their boyfriend when they were underage and got charged with distribution of child pornography. There are now thousands of people who pose practically no risk to anyone but themselves and have paid their “debt to society” but still have their entire life controlled by being a registered sex offender.

    A guy who films women in the shower deserves to be punished, and hard, but save the sex offender registry for people who pose an actual physical risk to others.


  4. While I fully agree that the sailor is a scum bag and must be dealt with harshly I do not agree that women should be banned from serving anywhere they choose. Explain the consequences of poorly made choices to everyone and then hand out the appropriate punishment for those who choose to make the poor choices.


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