Fresno Reels From Insult

220px-Larry_ElderLarry Elder has spent years writing about and speaking about the issues in the African-American Community. Many were the times that his columns and books allowed me to gain insight and apply lessons that otherwise would have been missed. Then, as if her wasn’t cool enough already, he married one of my favorite people, Alex Dating. Which is all incidental to the latest blog from Larry in which he once again reminds us of the damage done to the family and raises the question again, WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF MICHAEL BROWN HAD HAD TWO PARENTS? It’s a valid question. Would it have absolutely prevented this? Nobody knows for certain. But given the failure of our nation as a whole to maintain family bonds for the purpose of raising up good children and citizens, one has to wonder. Some years ago, Jack Cashill wrote a book, What’s The Matter With California? (HERE) in which he traced much of the devastation in California to the “no-fault divorce” laws of the late 60’s. Right or wrong, the idea is worth the discussion, especially as long as we continue to have children who push the envelope of socially acceptable behavior.

Big surprise here, California – as a whole – FELL SHORT OF WATER CONSERVATION GOALS. The reasons are pretty clear, people simply don’t believe that there is actually any problem. It doesn’t take but a few minutes of walking about your own neighborhood to see the people who are still watering too much, too often and making sure that their driveways and sidewalks get fully watered to see why conservation isn’t working. Despite this weeks rain, the “end” of the drought is a long ways off, even without the environmental politics attempts to maintain it. The political mismanagement combined with the lack of wet weather that has brought the drought upon us is not an excuse to waste water today.

In case you missed it, and you did, Iranian jets managed to get off the ground (how???) AND BOMB ISIL POSITIONS along the 25 mile “buffer zone” against the “Sunni Extremists” that the Iranian “Shiite Extremists” have created out of thin air. I’m still interested in how they managed to do this, since we haven’t sold them any spare parts for planes since the fall of the Shah.

The Play-by-Play announcer for the University of Hawaii ended his broadcast last week by signing off “FROM THE ARMPIT OF AMERICA” referring to Fresno. He has issued a letter of apology from Hawaii, which – from my own personal experience – is very hot and sweaty, and expensive. Even in December.

mastodon-roger-hall-and-photo-researchersTurns out that the Mastodons weren’t hunted to extinction by ancient men with no regard for the ecological damage they were causing. Nope. THE MASTODONS WERE EXTINCTED BY CLIMATE CHANGE. Caused no doubt, by ancient men driving SUV’s and burning fossil fuels.


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