Free Speech v St. Louis Police Department

Jesse Jackson emerged from his burrow this week in the Pacific Northwest to URGE PLAYERS FOR THE SEATTLE SEAHAWKS to emulate the St. Louis (soon to be L.A.-A) Rams and enter the field on Sunday with the infamous “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot” pose. This is the pose that infuriated the St. Louis Police who then went public with their demand that the five Rams players “be punished” for their gesture. That is the problem, of course. Wherever you stand on the power of the police argument, addition-raiders-rams-football.jpeg-1280x960there is one indisputable fact: the Police are government. And one thing government CANNOT do is punish people for exercising free speech. I can say that what the Rams players did is bulls**t, and they can say it’s “solidarity.” The fans can cheer or they can boo, but the Police, representing the Government, absolutely cannot demand punishment for anybody over what is clearly free speech. The idea that anybody in the St. Louis PD doesn’t seem to know that or care about that is scarier than five NFL Prima Donnas’ dancing their way onto a field with a ridiculous gesture. Somebody needs to explain to the St. Louis PD what exactly it is that they swore to uphold.

I don’t like that people can burn the flag. I don’t care for religious nut balls who stand on corners and scream at people who reject their idea of the Deity. I don’t like zealots who protest at funerals about things that have nothing to do with the person who died defending their right to protest. I don’t particularly care for some newspaper editorials, and I despise movie companies that are busy making “brave” and “new” films about the homeless camping ordinance in Manteca while they IGNORE the homeless issues in their own city, the soon to be home again of the Rams.

So, I sneer at flag burners, I shout back at nut jobs and I stand with people who in turn block protesters. And I will not watch “brave” or “new” films about Manteca’s problems made by people who can’t walk five feet from their own front door without tripping over their own city’s issues. What I will not do, is call for “punishment” of any of these people with whom I disagree. Furthermore, I don’t have the power or authority to punish them in the first place.

But do the Police? Does the Government?

Do you start to see why the actions of the St. Louis PD are scarier than five Rams players dancing onto the field to a ridiculous gesture?

Here’s a good example of the way things should work… Coca-Cola has a new Milk product that they wanted to advertise in a provocative and interesting way. So, they got a bunch of really hot women and dressed them in… well… milk. Instead of calling for the government to suppress Cokes free speech, a bunch of people complained about the provocative and interesting ads, and now Coke has RESPONDED TO THE CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS BY PULLING THE ADS. See… no government, no threats. Customer response.

Russell Brand is a moron. See? That’s me exercising my 1st amendment right. He is also historically illiterate and a hypocrite, but HE HATES IT WHEN PEOPLE POINT THAT OUT. For even more of Russell’s brand of stupidity, CHECK OUT HIS MANIFESTO FOR REVOLUTION and have fun trying to keep your head from exploding while you count the errors in his history and logic.

Quick question: What happens when a former atheist decides to become an “Orthodox Christian” and then files a complaint that his child’s teacher wears a Star of David necklace at school? Does the school cave and tell the teacher the necklace is prohibited religious teaching? Or does the School tell the ex-atheist turned orthodox thumper to kiss off?

Some City of Modesto staff WILL RECEIVE 3% PAY RISES, includng the associated effects on pensions. we are told that this is necessary because the City is “not competitive” and needs to hire, developed and keep these employees. My politically incorrect question is didn’t we just legalize 4 million “new Americans” to fill these kinds of “non-competitive” jobs? Why don’t we save ourselves the money and hire some “new Americans” to “provide services we expect” at a substantial savings?

Happy Birthdays: Georges Seurat, Brittany Spears and Eric Wise. Happy Coronation day to Napoleon Bonaparte and Franz Joseph I. And it’s also Monroe Doctrine Day, so keep out Europe!

Daughter update, we are still waiting for a primary care physician to refer her to a surgeon. As for me, I am much more calm today than I was yesterday, as I keep telling myself that it is HIGHLY unlikely that anything is actually wrong, other than getting older. Guess we’ll know for sure in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.


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  1. What you leave out is that the police also have the same free speech rights to speak their mind and ask the NFL punish the players. Your mixing that up with government punishing free speech.

    And before you say that the police also dont have the free speech rights, then that would also apply to say, the Congressional Black Caucus, which is also has been speaking on this issue.

    You’re mixing up government punishing, and government speaking out and calling for “punishment”(in this case a private entity called the NFL. to do so. And the police have EVERY free speech right to call upon the NFL to do so. What they cannont and should not do is force the NFL to punish them.


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