I’m Taking It As a Compliment

A new texter accused me last night of being “a racist” and a “sh**pot.” His problem with what I said? He thought I was making up Dorian Johnson’s (I have no idea why I said “Gray”) story. He believed that I was treating Dorian’s tale as a condescending excuse to get “white people” who listen to be able tell black people to “get the f*** out of the street.” He did not understand that I was actually reading Mr. Johnsons Grand Jury testimony to you.

He then accused me of “being very good” at what I do.

I decided to take it as a compliment.

I did not watch #Ferguson last night, instead opting for some Snake Plisken and Escape from L.A. I did note that the violence was much reduced last night by the presence of the National Guard, BUT TENSIONS REMAIN. I also point out that numerous papers today have articles to the effect of “the system is broken,” particularly for Black communities. The underlying implication is that if the system is broken, then it will need to be “fixed.” Which is the same argument used for the idea of “comprehensive immigration reform” and a couple of Presidential “Actions.”

Also of note this morning, Police have identified the man shot and killed on the night the Grand Jury testimony was released, and it appears that he may have been – not confirmed – a witness before the panel. Now he’s dead.

No big surprise, THE COST OF THANKSGIVING DINNER is higher than it was last year.

The bankrupt City of Stockton decided to go ahead and spend money on an OFFICIAL CITY OF STOCKTON POET LAUREATE last night. I’m sure that Franklin took note.

By the time I got home last night, my throat was pretty dry and scratchy, and I wasn’t feeling 100%. A Nyquil Nite later I feel better, but my voice is still pretty weak. I am off to see the Doctor, not about my throat but a follow-up on getting my Blood Pressure under control. See you at 3pm for a Thanksgiving episode of the Big Show.


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  1. First of all. I hope your feeling better & get your blood pressure under control. I had a stroke because I let mine go unchecked.
    Second. Until he becomes a regular listener, he won’t understand how you format your show. It took me a few times to figure it out. But once people do. Your show sets off lights in our heads and get us thinking.
    My wife & I in joy your show immensely. We listen everyday. Unless the grandkids have us going crazy. We babysit them 5 days a week 14 hours a day.
    All 3 are hands of energy that we don’t have. Lol. But we love them. Anyway. Hope you have a Great day and blessed Thanksgiving..
    Grandpa Ken


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