But, Hey… #FERGUSON!!!!

Before we get to all the standard tropes and fill over the Ferguson, here is what I spoke of briefly yesterday regarding IMMIGRATION AND THE PACIFIC WAR. I found it interesting that in 1924 Immigration policy was the approach for dealing with the cheap labor issue and the approach of the “99%” to stopping the rich from getting richer. It also may have brought down a friendly government and replaced it with one hell bent on attacking the United States.

Now, on to #Ferguson…

  • Let’s start with one simple fact that everybody seems to want to ignore: If Michael Brown had not stolen cigarillos, he would not have been approached by a Police Officer on the streets.

  • I felt that the Prosecutor went on for far to long last night. His not-so-veiled jabs at the Feds did not go unnoticed, and despite his determination to show that the DOJ has everything that he had in evidence, it will not stop Holder, Inc., from going after Wilson for “civil rights” violations.

  • I was bemused that the crowd listening to the Prosecutor had no clue whatsoever when he announced that there was insufficient evidence for an indictment.¬† It was as if they were listening to a foreign language and had not a clue what he had just said. There was zero visible reaction, not a movement until the Brown family statement was announced.

  • wilsongjtestThe Prosecutor repeatedly made the point that eyewitness testimony has to be supported by physical evidence. The New York Times reported that EYEWITNESS GAVE CONFLICTING ACCOUNTS which it feels puts the decision of the Grand Jury in question. Of course the eyewitnesses gave conflicting accounts. That is what eyewitness do. Maybe the Times should take a journalism 101 course or a psychology course? You know the one where the Professor is teaching when a person enters the room and appears to shoot him/her and then it turns out that it was a set up so that every student in the room shares what they saw and it’s always different? That class. It’s why eyewitness testimony HAS to match the physical evidence. If the testimony isn’t supported by the evidence, then it matters not what the witness says because THEY ARE WRONG. Period.

  • I was conflicted by the Brown family statement. I cannot and do not ever want to imagine the pain of losing a child. But to say that their sons “killer” would not “face any consequences” was absurd. First off, Wilsons life is forever altered and not for the good. Who would hire him today? Secondly, as already noted, the Holder, Inc. is already on the case of pursuing Federal charges, so this is NOT over. Lastly, I am left to wonder what Michael Brown’s family home life was like? I wonder if they are “profoundly disappointed” in their son who robbed and attacked a store owner… over cigarillos? Or were they just fine with that behavior?

  • ferguson-10-lootingThe Television coverage of the ensuing violence was… was…. at times interesting but mostly absurd. When the FOX guy noticed a woman carrying a bunch of what appeared to be purloined liquor walking past and attempted to interview her, I felt like we were heading in a silly direction. What do you ask her live on the air? “Excuse me, Miss. Did you just steal that liquor?” He then noticed that the local McDonalds was being attacked by people who seemed unclear as to how to use a baseball bat to break a window – that our McDonalds had some seriously armored windows. When they finally got through them, the reporter ran over to see who it was, only to watch the woman who had gone into the store climb back out, empty handed. The guy still hitting the window with the bat then noticed that the store next door was being attacked, and off they all ran to hit the liquor and meat market. The camera tried to follow but the cameraman tripped over his cable and we lost the shot.

  • It seemed as if the media was trying to show us outrage and anger. Instead what we saw was more of the same behavior that in effect, started all of this.

  • In Sacramento, Mayor Kevin Johnson took the moment to make a rather odd and disjointed speech about his own childhood being “tough.” This was followed by “protests” TAKING TO THE STREETS IN SACRAMENTO, and in Oakland I-580 was blocked.

  • It’s a miracle that nobody was killed in a night a violence that had little to do with protests of a Grand Jury decision in the Michael Brown case and more to do with anarchy and “getting back” at slights.

There were not, as Governor Nixon noted, NOT A LOT OF PEACEFUL PROTESTS GOING ON. There were never going to be. By the by, my guess is that not a single looter, shooter, agitator or attacker from any of these #Ferguson riots will ever be “held accountable” for their actions, for which I personally am “profoundly disappointed.”

By the By, the Brown family attorney has made it clear that THEY INTEND TO PURSUE A CIVIL ACTION, presumably against Officer Wilson and the #Ferguson Police Department. That suit will be settled, and in that settlement and subsequent book deals and speaking engagements, the Browns will reach an income level they never imagined a year ago.

Already #Ferguson is replacing the news on immigration and NEW REGULATIONS RELEASED BY THE ADMINISTRATION right before Thanksgiving. More than 3000 of them… But really… #FERGUSON!!!!!

Uh-oh, let the Hagel was no good reporting begin. Now, you see, IT WAS HAGEL WHO WASN’T HANDLING ISIL GOOD ENOUGH for the President. But hey… #FERGUSON!


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