Race, Religion and Sexy!

Nettie Hunt a SCOTUSIs there any place in this country where any person is being told they cannot go to school or shop or worship because of their skin colour? If there is, how long does it take the Fed’s to show up with a lawsuit and fines to make it not that way? There was a time in this nation when that behavior, stupid though it is, was the norm. I was born towards the end of the Civil Rights movement, so I watched my own Grandmother follow and stare at and make inappropriate comments when she came to visit us in Denver and saw her first public mixed race couple holding hands and kiss. I get that people once upon a time were idiots when it came to race. But I also do not believe that things are or ever will be AS BAD AS THEY WERE IN 1954, when National Guard Troops and US Marshalls had to escort African-American kids to school. Frankly the people who are most loud about the poor state of race relations in America are the people who make their living in efforts insuring that race relations are seen as “poor” in America.

By the by, if you are a racist and want to know how to get over it, join the military and put your life in the hands of other people regardless of race, colour, religion, creed, sex or even sexual orientation. You’ll figure out pretty quick that a persons character is a whole lot more important than his skin colour or what he thinks about G-d.

So Congress held its opening prayer and it seems that a Muslim Imam offered a prayer in the name of Allah. CUE FAR RIGHT OUTRAGE, but let us ask ourselves if this is really the biggest outrage that happened under the dome this past week? If “Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of a religion,” then all (legitimate) religions are fair game to pray before Congress, State Legislatures and even City Councils. Also, remember that some people – just as patriotic and loyal of Americans as others – who find it offensive when prayers are offered in the name of yet another G-d. You don’t hear them crying about it, do you?

The President, who was “in the room” with Gruber, has thrown the Grubster under the bus by claiming that GRUBER HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH OBAMACRE (He loves that name!). Unless the President is #grubering the Gruber?

Our own Bytemaster has weighed in on TRYING TO MAKE NET NEUTRALITY SIMPLE… he can’t, but at least he let’s you know why the idea of Government regulation of the interwebs is probably a bad idea.

The Modesto Irrigation District (MID) is “MULLING AN ELECTRICAL RATE INCREASE,” which is always a debatable issue. This is always an issue given MID’s history of mismanagement and incompetence (on the management side). But let’s also not forget that our State leaders, led by then GOP Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to saddle our State with an idiotic law that is now coming due – AB32. Not only will our electric rates “necessarily skyrocket,” but our gasoline taxes are bout to go through the roof starting in January. So stand by…

So given that the GOP “Leadership” in Washington, D.C. has already taken using the power of the purse off the table to stop Obama’s immigration move, and given that the media is about to launch into stories explaining how Executive Power “works” and how every President has done this and how Obama isn’t doing anything that Reagan didn’t do already, what should the GOP do in response, since they are NOT going to stop the President? One suggestion has Boehner (yep, the tan one) standing up at a post Executive Order Press Conference and announcing that the next Republican President will use an Executive Order to lower taxes. It’s a childish and silly idea, which means that the GOP might actually consider it. You don’t restore Constitutional Government by not following the Constitution because “they did it first!” Of course, it won’t matter if they lose in 2016…

Assemblyman and former Gubernatorial Sexy candidate TIM DONNELLY HAS WEIGHED IN ON THE GOP FAILURE in California to capture even a single Statewide office and actually lose a seat in Congress in spite of the national wave election. I disagree with his assessment that breaking the 2/3rd’s State House majority is meaningless, although he may be right if the CA GOP fails to use its minority effectively. However, while reading his commentary a thought occurred to me that I had not considered before: Munger’s money is intended (and the Assemblyman is correct about this) to “water down” the CAGOP into Democrat Lite. Given that he (Munger) spent more money against Republicans than he did against Democrats, I should have asked the question earlier, but didn’t: “Why is Munger supporting Jack Mobley?” Now you can argue that he “wasn’t,” the CAGOP was, but I am not ready to buy the theory that he has no say in where his money goes, especially since the CAGOP stands accused over and again of doing exactly that. The simple fact remains that Mr. Mobley, who is a nice enough guy, failed to impress the law enforcement groups he appeared before seeking their endorsement, telling one of them – as it has been reported to me – “I don’t know what you do…” If not for Mungers hundreds of thousands, funneled through the CAGOP, he would have been  beaten even worse than he was (53-47). I never believed that Jack had a chance of winning in the first place, from his rather “unorthodox” write-in campaign in the Primary to the Munger money, his candidacy may end up to be more trouble than it was worth to the CAGOP as a whole, if the allegations of financial shenanigans turn out to be true.

The bigger question is how Conservatives became convinced that a Munger backed candidate was what they would want? Jack Mobley may be  great Conservative guy today, but if he had won, because of his refusal to self-fund and reliance on CAGOP help, Mobley would have been little more than a GOP apparatchik, told when and what and how to vote by the Munger CAGOP LIte. How is it that nobody seemed to recognize that Mobley was funded by the same people as Kashkari, and presumably would have represented those same interests? Naturally, Conservatives would have voted for Mobley anyway – they certainly did for Kashkari, but now we have to wonder if the whole last second write-in campaign was a smokescreen to get a Mungerite into the gate?

Lastly, if Assemblyman Donnelly is correct, why didn’t the CAGOP put that money into a race that they could have won, such as the two SoCal Congressional races, instead of into an Assembly race that they never had a chance of winning? We are constantly being told of how wise and smart these guys are, so one has to conclude their there are two options (and yes, I know…): either the donor directed where the money was to go (illegal and unethical) or the intentionally threw they races down south. Why?

With the races in question and the Prop 47 fiasco, one realizes that the impact of money from a few and select individuals is controlling far more than it should.

So what do we do about it?


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