The “Homeless” of Liberty Park

1000' From Dave's Home

1000′ From Dave’s Home

Not to be a grump or anything, but I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THE FACEBOOK COMPLAINTS urging people from anywhere except the Central Valley to call and complain about Manteca’s Homeless encampment ordinance. Look, I will put my “Serve the Homeless” Credentials up against pretty much anybody’s and I will tell you, the problem in Manteca is NOT “homeless” people, it’s meth. It’s the crime and destruction that goes with Meth and it’s frustrating that the good people of Manteca decided to tax themselves to build a place for community fun and relaxation that NOBODY can use thanks to the legal inability of the City to rid itself of criminals. Not “Homeless citizens.” Criminals. Thieves, vagrants, pedophiles, rapists and drug dealers. The way that the City has been pilloried on Facebook by people who have no clue where Manteca even is located is outrageous, given that their solution to the “Homeless” problem in Manteca is to posy memes and articles telling the good people of Manteca that THEY are heartless and cruel. I haven’t seen a single one of these posters show up in Manteca with a shovel and a hazmat suit to clean up the mess in Library Park, and I never will. They are people who (a) know nothing and (b) think that allowing anti-social criminal behavior is a protected right. Failed Manteca Mayoral Candidate Chris Teicheira joins me today to talk about what – if anything – can be done in smaller cities up and down the Valley that all have the same problem with the meth addicts.

hangoutsI’m going to try an experiment today with bringing back the chatroom. You will need to have Google Hangouts either on your phone or browser, but if this works, you should be able to get it HERE. If it doesn’t work, back tot he drawing board I suppose. Also I will not be talking about this on the air, since it’s a test I don’t want it to distract, so this is a “Blog Readers Only” Navy good deal!

ISIL and the AQ have MADE THEIR ALLIANCE OFFICIAL. Good… we start bombing in five minutes…

Heritage Foundations Daily Signal has collected QUITE THE OFFERING OF GRUBER TWEETS for your enjoyment. In some ways though, doesn’t it bother us that what he saying about the Obamacare (He loves that name!) is absolutely true? It was the fact that few people were willing – not able but willing to see the lie back in 2009 that led to Congress passing this bill. There are, of course, multiple kinds of “stupid.” But for the purposes of politics, there are two main ones – ignorance and apathy. There are people who choose not to know things. There is no reason for them not to know, with the interwebs and media and radio and so on, but they simply choose to not know. Then there are those who choose not to act on what they know. Gruber, by the by, s one of these. He knew the bill was bad and a lie, but what did he do to stop it? Nothing. He’s an extreme case, but there are many people who believe that more government is better, so  bad government bill is better than having to care for themselves or decide for themselves. And that’s how you end up with Obamacare (He loves that name!)

Have you ever heard the tale of the American “SPARTANS OF LONG ISLAND?” You should… By the by, if you have any interest in the American Revolution, academic or casual, All Things Liberty is the website for you…

Speaking of Liberty, the Justice Department of Eric Holder is USING SMALL AIRPLANES TO SPY ON AMERICAN’S CELL PHONES. Will anybody in Congress understand why this is a bad idea or will we get “We have to catch the terrorists” excuses?


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