Trains and… Bikes???

Babs Climate

If you had any hope that our Senator was going to say to herself, “Hey, shouldn’t we have a 2/3rd’s vote on the new Climate deal with Communist China?” you hope in vain. This is the problem with Congress (on both sides) – actions that they support are allowed even if not performed in accordance with the Constitution. Babs goes right along with the President.

The presumption is now that the Presidents Climate agreement with China is AN INTENT TO “SET AN AGENDA” FOR THE 2016 ELECTIONS. Seems dicey to me, given the lack of warming and the public’s disenchantment with the idea that we must sacrifice to save the climate while the climate change gurus like AlGore and Obama suffer no ills for their policies. But if this is correct, stand by for an intense two years of demonization of anybody who does not toe the line on Climate Change.

Ferguson is about to reclaim the topic “A” spot. No matter what happens when the Grand Jury reports, thee will be riots and destruction because that is how people think that they bets express themselves, win or lose. But especially if they lose, stand by. Most indications are that the Grand Jury is going to exonerate Officer Wilson, and if that happens, all hell will break loose. The State of Missouri has ordered the National Guard to be on standby, and has TRAINED 1000 OFFICERS IN SPECIAL CROWD CONTROL TECHNIQUES, which are certain to be (a) ineffective and (b) more controversy and news stories. Just wait for it…

Half of the fifty-six people in Japan who were killed by a recent volcanic eruption WERE FOUND CLUTCHING CELL PHONES. Now, we could presume that they were calling for help, but the truth is that they were videoing/photographing the eruption in hopes of YouTube fame?

It is scary to think that once upon a time, the intelligence gathering agencies of the US Government were so out of control that they actually TRIED TO GET DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. TO KILL HIMSELF. Luckily, he was made of sterner stuff, and history has shown us that the Hoover was completely out of control, regardless of what underwear he may have or may have not been wearing. Thank goodness there is no chance of the government ever becoming that powerful and intrusive again, right? Right?

Have you ever considered HOW YOU WILL GET FROM YOUR HOME TO THE CAHSR STATION? Or vice versa? Seriously. You probably assume that you will drive there. but not so fast there, Hondo. Hope that you enjoy riding a bike…


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