The Bat Man?

2014-11-10T120503Z_1001200237_GM1EABA1JM001_RTRMADP_3_CHINA-APECIf you’re surprised that President Obama would MAKE AN AGREEMENT WITH THE COMMUNIST CHINESE to reduce OUR greenhouse gas emissions while they Chinese literally do… well… nothing, stay tuned and watch Congress do nothing to remind the President of the Constitutional role that the Senate plays in the process. In any case, don’t sweat it since the Lame Duck congress would “advise and consent” to the deal anyway.

I was a little concerned yesterday by Missouri GOVERNOR JAY NIXON’S COMMENTS ABOUT THE UPCOMING GRAND JURY REPORT on the shooting of Michael Brown. He made a specific comment: “We will be guided by our principles, ‘Protect the safety of the Public, and allow people to speak.'” I understand his concerns, but doesn’t this seem backasswards? In other words, how will we ever teach people about being responsible for their words and actions if we make it clear that they will not be permitted to speak if Authorities decide that it is a threat to public safety?

Which one is the m****** f****** barbarian?

Which one is the m****** f****** barbarian?

Speaking of Free Speech, the Concert on the Mall last night to Honor Veterans is raising some eyebrows as there are questions about the selection of tunes to be played, AND THE EMINEM F-BOMBS DROPPED. Nobody is truly surprised at his boorish behavior, and while he has a “right” to be crude, vulgar and churlish, it’s clear that he has NO understanding of what was going on yesterday. Mr. Spock once said that it is impossible for barbarians to act as civilized men. He may well have been speaking of Mr. Eminem.

I still believe that we needed to get Bowe Bergdahl back from the terrorists. But in yet another blow to the idea that this administration can keep anything, let alone a plot to pretend to kill a major terrorist leader, secret, sources are now coming forward to reveal that in fact, a RANSOM WAS PAID FOR BERGDAHL. This comes out as it also become clear that the same taxpayers who paid for Bergdahls release (sidebar – the guy (yes, some guy we knew) we gave the money to give to the terrorists for Bergdahl absconded with the money and never gave to to them. we’re still looking for him) also told the Foley family that not only should they not try and py the ransom that might have keep him alive, that we would would put them in jail – I suppose for dealing with terrorists – if they did.

Whatever excuses or reasons that Sgt Bergdahl makes, the fact is that he violated the most basic general orders that all military personnel follow. He did desert, and he in all probability was a turncoat. But we couldn’t punish him if we didn’t have him. Now we do. But in the most f***ed way imaginable on behalf of an Administration that some of ya’ll want me to believe is “covering up” a fake killing of Bin Laden.


Congratulations, Californians! When people in the future ask how we got to be so fouled up (what did you think that I meant?) you can point to this election that SET AN ALL TIME RECORD FOR LOW TURNOUT. Want to know how Prop 47 got passed… apparently stupid people remembered it was election day while “smart” people stayed home.

In case you didn’t know (and you didn’t), GONORRHEA IS ON THE RISE and has become highly resistant to antibiotics. Please note that there are ZERO active cases of the Ebola in the United States. So we hired the Ebola Czar, and within a week the nation was cleared of the Ebola, while in Africa, the number of active cases fell from 14000ish to 13000ish. Yet we have no Gonorrhea Czar. Why not?

In MEN (Mandatory Ebola News – “Because We Have To!”), a recent headline proclaims that BATS LINK TO EBOLA FINALLY SOLVED. Of course nothing of the sort has happened. Yes, bats are the reservoir host for the Ebola. This is well known and understood. The question is “Why” and “How” re bats able to carry the Ebola and not suffer from the related disease? That virtually every African outbreak of the Ebola can be traced to a bat is not news. It is also well understood that the spillover that occurs when primates come into contact with infected bats happens, the question is why and how, not if? In this case, it appears to be little more than a screed about deforestation and destruction of habitat rather than “solving” the real mystery of how Bats are able to function as the reservoir host.

Maybe we need a Bat Czar? I would do it if they will call me “the Bat Man…”


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