Veterans Day – 2014


Boot Camp Dave – The adventure begins (1981)

Today is Veterans Day. Today we commemorate all the men and women who have faithfully served this nation. May G-d Bless the United States of America and those who have served her. This past month was awe inspiring for me, spending just three short days with 66 WWII Vets in Washington D.C. reminded me that we have a rich heritage of service to our nation. During a two hour break in the tour, I hoofed it over to the National Archives to see the Declaration of Independence and, of course, the Constitution. I’d seen them before, briefly, but this was my first opportunity to do so since the birth of Constitution Thursday. As I looked at those beautiful parchments, I was reminded that each and every one of we Vets swore our oaths not to a man, or a party or even a cause. We swore to uphold and defend this document. And to the best of each of our abilities, we did. And that tradition continues today with our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Coast Guard protecting it today. For my own family who served – Charles Holt NC Militia, Revolutionary War; Frances Marion Holt, Pvt, 1st Arkansas Cavalry (US), Civil War; John G Bowman, Pvt, 40th Indiana (US), Civil War; Herbert M Bowman, Pvt, USAAC, WWII; Mick Harris, SN, USN, WWII; Bradley Newbould, Airman, USCG, Thanks you for your service and for upholding the proud tradition of our family.

Not everybody is on board with calling Vets “Heroes.” For the record, I don’t personally know any Vets who like to be called or even considered heroes, and as far as I know, no Veteran or Vets Group has ever asked for that term. But the writer of this piece BELIEVES THAT VETS (AND COPS) DO NOT PROTECT HIS FREEDOMS and should not be (in his words) “worshipped” by the citizens. He also believes in democracy, which means that he is most likely a socialist who likes democracy as long as everybody agrees with him. Otherwise he’d probably use the Police or military to enforce his version of utopia on us.

Senator Babs Boxer today eMailed me and said that Veterans deserve our enduring support and that “is why I am working in the U.S. Senate to ensure that America’s veterans and their families get the care, benefits, and support they have earned and deserve. Okay, Senator Ma’am, what exactly have you done or are doing to demonstrate that “enduring support?” You can answer me HERE.

Apparently there are some 3700 STATE JOBS THAT ARE OPEN AND THEY ARE LOOKING TO FILL. So, for those of you who apply, good luck. But for those of us that will have to pay for this expansion of Government. There is no surplus, budget or otherwise, and all this borrowing to expand Government will eventually cave in on us.

Stockton City Councilman Michael Tubbs still has not resigned – and he won’t, even though he should. Odd isn’t it? One of the most dangerous to the Public crimes goes unpunished and has no accountability for a public servant. It’s as if there already was a Prop 47 for DUI…

I did have a caller yesterday that you didn’t get to hear because of the phone situation, who chided me a bit over my position on the Bin Laden killing SEAL. He wasn’t disagreeing with me on the unseemliness of the glory grabbing, but he was concerned that I believed that it was actually Bin Laden who the SEALS killed that night. He said that he was concerned that I was “going into the minutia” of the credit claim, but ignoring the “evidence” that UBL had not been killed in the raid. Which he then proceeded to recite to me.

Look, I get that many of you don’t believe the reports. Fine. I do. Here’s why: do you have any idea of the size of the conspiracy it would have taken to pull this off? Do you ever consider that if you were going to go to all the effort to pretend to kill UBL that this is NOT they way you would do it? What does Senior Chief SEAL have to gain by doing this IF it is all an elaborate hoax? By the by, if it were a hoax, we’d have the pictures of the body. Given the loose lips among SEAL Team 6 these days, why is there no “Hey, we didn’t really do that” book or interview? And don’t tell me it’s because they would be killed by Obama, use logic and critical thinking. The fact is that the SEALS killed UBL that night in Abbattabod, and they did it with extreme prejudice. Bravo Zulu!


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