You Can Fool All of the People Some of the Time

Prop-47So many people are expressing “Buyers Remorse” now that Prop 47 is ALREADY RELEASING CONVICTED FELONS (and HERE and HERE) back into their communities. In fact, I spoke with Sheriff Christianson on Saturday, as of then more than sixty inmates had already been released in Stanislaus County. Thirty minutes after the Prop went into effect, a Meth possessor was cited and released into our community. So how did such a horrible piece of ballot crap get passed? It’s effects were clearly predictable and what the framers of the Prop wanted. Well, let us be clear up front and without equivocation – We the People did not do our job in governing ourselves. No matter how you slice it, that is the reason that Republicans and Democrats voted for it and it passed.

When all was said and done, Prop 47 passed 58.5% to 41.5%, a “landslide” by most definitions. Like most things, percentages are deceiving, especially in low turnout elections, but so you get a picture of what happened, 2,955,206 people voted FOR Prop 47, while 2,100,278 voted against. So in effect, 854,928 people decided that Prop 47 was a better idea for the State. That’s less than a million people (or just 2.2%) deciding what is best for the remaining 37+ Million.

Now, we can spend a great deal of time on the fact that the pro Prop 47 folks raised over $5 Million, most of which came from the Open Society Policy Center (Soros), Molly Munger’s law firm and Netflix (yes, that Netflix) and was “sponsored” by a pair of Left Leaning law enforcement professionals, but at the end of the day, this information was always available to us. As was the information that the funding mechanism for the “Schools” was always based on an annual “projection” or “estimate” of savings, not an actual, audited, on-book savings. So all that is needed to transfer upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars out of the General Fund and to the breakdown of agencies already salivating over the money, is an “estimated” savings from the Governor, based on… what exactly?

So what we actually voted for is MORE spending without any actual accounting of whether or not there are (a) any actual savings to spend and (b) to spend that money without any mechanism to stop it if the actuals don’t match the projections. Not to mention the issues with increased crime and decreased accountability for committing those crimes. Some have argued that a few other States (Arkansas, for example) have seen crime go down rather than up. I feel like the data is incomplete as it is limited to a single year and there is no discussion of whether or not the good citizens of Arkansas simply stopped reporting “misdemeanors” since they knew that they would not be punished or dealt with in any meaningful way?

Prop 47 is a shining example of the ability of the super rich and the Super-PAC’s to influence legislation and to disguise what they really want. The solution to this hideous law will not be easy – another Ballot Initiative, funding to sponsor it and gather signatures and advertise for it during the campaign. I do not believe that the people of California have it in themselves to do it. Nor will they learn the lesson that virtually every Ballot Prop is a bad idea and will cost them more money. Even the ones the State Legislators put on the ballot.

Some good news from the election and perhaps an indicator that the CAGOP is not quite as moribund as many believe. The Democrats have LOST THEIR LEGISLATIVE SUPERMAJORITY in both houses.

And it appears that nobody told Governor Brown that the new GOP Controlled Congress absolutely hates his train. He told the LA Times that HE BELIEVES THAT THEY WILL “JOIN THE CHORUS” of HSR praises. I still believe that he will spend his millions on at least an “exploratory” run at the White House, so really, showing that he is borderline senile can’t really be helping his case.

As it turns out, Power corrupts people. IT’S SCIENCE.

I keep saying this, and here is a great example of the fact – for Homeless People that really need help and are willing to do the work, THERE IS HELP AND PEOPLE WHO WILL HELP THEM. The chronic and problem homeless don’t want the help. People who are willing to do what it takes can find the help that they need.

In one California City, RESIDENTS ARE USING 584 GALLONS OF WATER PER DAY. That is insane. In any case, most of us in the valley don’t use that (residentially) in a fortnight. But if you are using too much, the State has taken over the water snitching duties. You might want to watch out!


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