True Believers

Beth CalendarOf the many blessings in my life, my beautiful and amazing daughters are right up there at the top. One of them decided some months ago to participate in a calendar for Wounded Warriors Project, WHICH YOU CAN PURCHASE HERE. Yes, one of these “Inked Mistress” ladies is my daughter. Yes, I am a little freaked out by it. Yes, I am proud of her and it makes me tear up a little that she chose to help support Veterans. No, I’m not going to tell you which one she is, other than to say she is the one who is the most beautiful. And to ask that if you’d like to support the Wounded Warrior Project, this is a way to do it.

Just some final thoughts on the whole Common Core versus Voter involvement issue. If the plan to fight this does not include the recruitment AND preparation of School Board Candidates, it won’t work. Those Candidates, by the by, are gong to have to become Subject Matter Experts before they run on the whole of School Board Issues, not just Common Core. Running just on Common core will also not work. They will need to show that they can handle the entire job, not just the part that they are really passionate about. Remember folks, if we don’t get involved, the Gundy’s of the world will be happy to assume those positions and decide what is best for you child.

For the moment the United Nations TAKEOVER OF THE INTERWEBS HAS BEEN STOPPED. For now. Don’t worry, bad ideas rarely die away.

If the President decides to go the Executive Order route on Immigration “reform,” what can be done to stop him? Two things. First, WE THE PEOPLE can express our outrage and secondly, CONGRESS CAN GROW A PAIR AND STOP FUNDING the program.

I realize that one of the biggest reasons why I am not making millions of dollars off of stupid people is that I refuse to “be crazy for money.” There are plenty of people in this business who will “be crazy for money” so having one more pretend lunatic wouldn’t really set me apart too much, and frankly I don’t know if I could keep it up three hours a day. So when I come across people who listen to the “BCFM” folks and start repeating their nonsense, I usually feel sad for them, but in some cases I am forced to wonder whatever became of Critical thinking skills and the logic Mr. Spock taught me to apply all those years ago? In my cursory surfing last night, I came across THIS ARTICLE BY A TRUE BELIEVER who is convinced that the Ebola is a-coming and that it’s all just a giant government conspiracy. How does he know? Because he has “unnamed inside sources!” So what happens when none of his dire, life ending (for you, not for him because he’s prepared) predictions come to pass? Usually it’s because the government found out that he or she was busy warning us, and thus had to just delay the implementation of their plan to unleash devastation and destruction upon us. You know, just what you would expect them to do if there really was a giant worldwide conspiracy to kill you (so now there is more time for you to buy my prepper supplies and books!).

Look, I am no fan of big government. But we are not going to defeat big government with wild eyed ravings about the Ebola being unleashed upon us. We beat it with knowledge and application of that knowledge. I don’t have a book to sell you or a web site to join for the “latest news about the plan to kill you.” What I do have is a willingness to tell you that THE SECRET to winning the war, is no secret at all. It’s “WE THE PEOPLE,” doing our part to govern ourselves.

That’s it. The rest is commentary, now go and study.


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