Going Forward? Or Just Sideways?

If nothing else happens under the GOP senate, the appointment of another Kagan or Sotomayer tot he Supreme Court has been stopped… for the moment. There s, of course, no guarantee that a “stealth” Justice wont get through or that the GOP, which this morning has promised “bipartisanship” won’t cave on a particular nominee. But for the moment, at east, there won’t be any ultra-liberal Judges appointed. It is, of course, too late for the DC Court of Appeals, the very reason the Reid dropped the nuclear option, but hopefully going forward this will be a positive thing.

First thing I noted this morning – 28% turnout in Stanislaus County, 26.5% in San Joaquin County. That is so pathetic as to not even merit a derisive comment about how little the voters care to even try to be involved. I have a working theory as to why turnout is so low, but I am not ready to trundle it out yet as I am waiting for a couple of more data points. Suffice to say, I have come to believe that this low turnout is exactly what the political elites want. Stay tuned as I smooth this out and get t ready to present.

I did not watch the returns last night. Cami got called in early and Ben wanted to watch Schoolhouse rock videos. Frankly me watching wasn’t going to change anything, so I watched and sang along with My Hero, Hero, Counted by Fives and hooked up phrases and clauses at Conjunction Junction. It is amazing to me how Ben has changed me. There was a time, not that long ago it seems, that I would have been glued to the TV until well after midnight, believing that if I didn’t know first what had happened, it would be a disaster. Now I actually prefer to watch education shows with my boy, realizing that I have to make certain that he understands these things so that when I hand this nation off to him and his generation, they have a fighting chance.

2000px-Phrygian_cap_on_pole.svgAlready this morning, the analysis has begun of the GOP wins, and not surprisingly, the “reason” given for the GOP wave isn’t the economy, it wasn’t the failures of the policies of Mr. Obama which were on the ballot, it wasn’t Benghazi or the IRS or other scandals. It wasn’t even the GOP’s superior candidates and message. What was it? It was the GOP GETTING RID OF THE EXTREMISTS IN THE PARTY that allowed voters to feel comfortable giving the GOP power. Well, except in California, of course. The President said last night that he does nt feel “repudiated” by the election results, and really, if the Times is right, why should he?

How odd is it that in an General Election where – as far as I heard – not a single candidate for a national or even State office mentioned the words, Liberty, freedom or Constitution, all of the things that the victors will swear to uphold and defend, the “key” to victory is to silence the people who do cherish and talk about those things?

Prop 1, the so-called “Water Bond” passed rather comfortably last night. I still will take the bet that not a single dam funded by this $7.5 BILLION bond will be built in my lifetime. The only “water” in this bond will be the tears of Californians when they realize that they’ve added more debt for nothing.

Don’t forget to join us this evening from 7pm  9pm in the Arbor Room at Modesto Center for “Unveiling Common Core,” a panel discussion with members of the Validation committee. It will be an interesting evening and it’s free. Come on by!


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