Some Things Are More Valuable Than money


Wallace and I at Breakfast

So I was feeling a bit “blah” before breakfast this morning (0300 California time) when I learned the following things:

According to the first two pages of the Wall St Journal today (Tue):

$3 and under gasoline (not applicable in CA) is “bad for the economy”

Me living to 86.6 (the new life expectancy) is “bad for the economy”

VA Claims are growing, which is “bad for the economy.”

All in all, it appears that being a live Veteran who travels anywhere in the 21st Century America is “bad for the economy.”

Then I sat down to breakfast and I learned the following things:

Wallace’s Seaplane base on Okinawa got blown away by a storm in 1945. He got out of the Navy after WWII and still wears Dungaree pants with red socks because, let’s face it, Bell Bottoms have never really gone out of style.

Wallace is an old man, who loves his church and his daughter, walks faster than I do and still doesn’t think of himself as a “hero” even though if the Wall St Journal had its way he and I would never have met and I wouldn’t know anything about the Sea Plane base or have ever met a former Navy Corpsman named Wallace.

That’s why the WSJ is wrong to worry about the costs. Some things are more valuable than money, and one (or actually a few million) of those things is our Vets.

Off for Day #2 of the Central Valley Honor flight! 


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