Whither Darryl?

Ktcxb.AuSt.8On Monday at very dark thirty in the morning, I will be departing from the former Castle Air Base to cover the Central Valley Honor Flight of 73 Veterans to Washington, D.C. and the various monuments and Memorials. We will be recording the Monday show that morning at the Air Base, and on Tuesday and Wednesday I will be checking in as I can from around the area. I will be posing to FACEBOOK and to Twitter (@DaveBowmanShow) if you’d like to follow along live. This is the trip of a lifetime for these Veterans, and I have to be honest, it’s hard for me to think of myself as “the media” more than I think of myself as a Veteran. This is going to something special, and I am looking forward to going and to sharing the experience as best I can with each of you. Also, a big “Thank You” to the folks at Foster Farms who stepped up and sponsored this trip. There will be future trips as funds can be raised, which is why I am asking you and every listener to give just $1 to Central Valley Honor Flights. If each listener gave just $1, PowerTalk Listeners could sponsor another flight. And “Thank You” to those who have given.

Before you start in about the NEW CASE OF THE EBOLA IN NEW YORK CITY, keep in mind that he was recently in West Africa. He did not catch it here. Also note that the Hospital did not send him home for two days before getting him isolated.

A lot of my compatriots in this business are going to spend time today having thrombo’s of the CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE WHO GOT CAUGHT WEARING A SEAL BADGE that he didn’t earn. Trust me, I am pissed about it too. I feel the same way about people who didn’t earn Dolphins wearing them (Submarine Qualification Pin). But here is where I am going to diverge from others. Please note that after he was called out, he went to a Captains Mast and was reprimanded. His CO made him admit his error in front of his entire crew. He was still (as I understand things) an E-5 and was horribly embarrassed. He also learned from his mistake and went on to finish 20 years and make Senior Chief (E-8). In my view, what he did was b.s. But the Navy settled it, and settled it well enough that he went on to serve honorably and retire. We all have mistakes in our past that we aren’t proud of that have little to do with whether or not we’d be good public servants. He did not benefit from this, and I bet he spent most of his career having to explain at at every qualification and promotions board he went through. The matter was ended by the Navy some twenty years ago and is no longer relevant to his qualifications for elected office.

In case you were worried about Darryl Steinberg, don’t. He’s GOT A NEW GIG AS A LOBBYIST! Because that’s what termed out lawmakers do – they know who needs a little lobbyist cash the most!

It kind of seems like one of the biggest economic drivers in the State is just having elections. We’ve IMPORTED $31.4 MILLION JUST IN THIS ELECTION from out of State.

I spent most of last evening working on getting my DVD-ROM working again, ever since the last iTunes update it had not been working, which is part of my frustration with Apple. As much as I like iTunes and my iPhone, every time there is an update to either, it takes weeks to get everything working right again, followed by another update. But for the moment, I am up and running again.


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