Update on Dave’s Condition

flushotSo I went to get a flu shot this morning.

Now I am at home with a whole bunch of meds flowing through my veins, lightheaded and unable to drive. Before you jump on the anti-vaccine bandwagon, it has nothing to do with the flu shot.

Before they even did that, they determined my blood pressure to be precisely 188/140. Combined with a bad-knee caused stumble, they thought I might be having a stroke in the office.

I wasn’t, but that did not stop the immediate infliction of medical care upon my person.

To make a long story short, I am okay, I mean other than the high BP and glucose count, but I am fine. I am however, heavily medicated, very lightheaded (Cami tells me that’s because of the drugs lowering my BP) and a bit dizzy and unable to drive.

So, today we will have a Best Of Show. I do apologize, and ask that bear with me as I try to prevent further medical care that would interfere with going to Washington, D.C. on Monday morning.




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  1. Hope you get to feeling better quickly David. You’re the Man!

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