Looking for “Why?”

Ottawa ShooterBy now we know, of course, that the Ottawa shooter was a convert to Islam. Fine. I’ve said this before and I say it again here, new converts to anything tend to be the most fervent in their (incomplete understanding of their) beliefs and actions. As I was winding down last night and playing “tickle-Spider” with Ben, it hit me that new converts are the perfect people for these attack jobs because they have not had time to develop a thought process to question their beliefs. Whatever the first “authority” (and who is that authority in Islam?) tells them, they believe and accept with no critical thought or consideration. Here’s a guy who was a criminal long before yesterday, who came to believe that criminal activity was how he got his 72 virgins. I doubt that he ever took the time to ask based on his own background which was not Muslim or even Arabic. He was French-Canadian. Now I am interested in the psychological mechanism that leads people with no background in Islam to be attracted and even to convert in the first place, not to mention to carry out insane attacks – in their minds – on its behalf?

Kind of an odd story out of the Sacramento area about the Sonic Drive-In’s that are being closed. Apparently they are all owned by the same guy who is trying to convince people that he is “just remodeling” all his restaurants at the same time. Strangely enough, people aren’t buying his story, but not because it seems unlikely that an owner would remodel all his places at exactly the same time, but because he’s done this before. Turns out the guy s a convicted tax cheat who once owned many other places, including as many as 70 Jack-in-the-Boxes that he lost because he claimed that “the machine was broke” and asked customers to pay in cash. Which he then failed to report. Lots of people have been promised their jobs back “when the remodeling is done,” but it sure FEELS LIKE NOBODY BELIEVES THAT WILL HAPPEN.

I don’t know if I am just naturally a skeptic or cynic, but when  hear people tell me that I can work less and make more, I have a hard time believing the tale. Such is the case of Zaken Corp, who made millions by convincing… well, stupid people, that they could just stay at home, surf the web and make more than they ever dreamed of making. Now it’s all come out THAT IT WAS A SCAM TO DEFRAUD PEOPLE, but really, who could possibly actually be surprised? I mean, other than people who did any actual research before sending them money, or, for that matter, took money from Zaken to promote what was clearly a scam.

In MEN (Mandatory Ebola News (motto: Because We Have To!)), the Glorious Peoples Demokratick Republick of Korea has SUSPENDED TOURIST VISITS TO SEE NORTH KOREA OVER EBOLA FEARS. Now can we all agree that we’ve lost our minds over this?

In Prop 46 News, turns out that some 28% of CALIFORNIA HOSPITALS HAVE A HIGHER THAN EXPECTED INFECTION RATE. Now, by definition, that means that those hospitals have an “outbreak” of infection which, in the current political climate, means that we should have a Hospital Infection Czar, at least on the State level.

Kashkari in StocktonGovernor More-or-Less Wannabe Neel Ka$hkari was in Stockton yesterday for… I don’t know why he was there. He rode a boat and said lots of republican things to Republican people who did not seem to want to give him any money, since giving money to homeless people only encourages them. While he was there a listener snapped this picture of him explaining that the letter “C” stands for “Cash,” of which he would be desperately short IF HE DIDN’T HAVE MILLIONS OF HIS OWN DOLLARS to support his campaign since the CA GOP is definitely not doing so.

California Prison officials have AGREED TO END DESEGREGATION IN PRISONS, as a part of a settlement of (of course) a lawsuit. So, the Courts have essentially decided to end a policy which the Prison Officials put in place in the first place to help quell racial violence. I’m pretty sure that whoever filed the lawsuit doesn’t actually care about the safety of the Staff or even the prisoners themselves, so what exactly is the gal of suing to “end racial segregation” in the prison system to begin with? It’s my understanding, albeit without any observation or personal experience, that the prisoners themselves tend to segregate based on race, gang affiliation and even crime class, for their own safety. So how is this new policy which rescinds the old policy going to help reduce violence?


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