Throwing Thrombos

Jack Mobley

Jack Mobley

We are learning more and more about the AD21 Race between Mobley and Gray, including that Mobley “didn’t want to finance his own campaign,” but THE GOP TALKED HIM INTO RUNNING AGAIN, despite his previous three losses. Now that there has been some half a million dollars funneled to Mobley by the State GOP, Democrats are hopping mad and screaming about unlawful collusion. This is what Prop 14 has wrought – ridiculous campaigns with massive funding for what was a “write-in” candidate who literally needed 1 vote to “win” a spot on the November ballot. With noted Republicans endorsing the Democrat and CAGOP money pouring into a race that seems rather unlikely to have “a path to victory,” this one race seems to embody everything that is wrong with the Prop 14 system, given to us personally by Abel “What’s In It For Me?” Maldanado.

Of course there are MORE SUPPORTERS THAN DETRACTORS FOR TUBBS.” People are putting any factor they can find above the simple fact that Elected Officials are not above the law, and that they should be examples n leadership and god citizenship. Driving on Hwy-99 with a 0.137 BAC is neither of those and shows extremely poor judgment. His lie that he “thought he was okay to drive” is reason enough to question anything that comes out of his mouth. But instead, kids called for to “step down OR join us against Police brutality.” I say this again – ANY elected politician who is popped DUI, I don’t care what party, race, creed, color or sex, should immediately resign. Period.

Yesterday I briefly mentioned (during “MEN” (Mandatory Ebola News)) that there are idiots out there selling Ebola snake oils, including one that purports to be a “NATURAL HOMEOPATHIC METHOD” to “prevent” the Ebola. It’s sad that the Government has to step in to stop these people, but even sadder that some of us would have been willing to take their snake oil.

Apparently Rosie doesn’t want to attract a younger, hipper audience. She had a thrombo at the idea of FLASH SELLING ‘THE VIEW’ MERCHANDISE and dd a “younger host.” By the by, nobody actually cares about this, but talking about them is how we attract a younger and hipper audience. Plus they have to look up the word “thrombo” which I am trying to return to general use among the plebs as I think that it was a great word.

Game 1 turned out to be a Giants feeding frenzy. Did you know that the team that wins Game 1 wins the World Series 68% of the time? Still hoping for seven, but it’s looking like that time off my have really put out the Royals fires. Can they get steam up in time?


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