October 13, 1775 and 1981

10487248_10204304794530129_4808962259954210982_nOctober 13th is always a notable anniversary for me personally. This is the day I left home for good, landed in San Diego and started Basic Training with the US Navy. That first evening in San Diego was an eye opener for me, and it was when I realized, standing just to the left of the ramp in this picture that I took this summer when we visited San Diego*, that my world was changing faster than I had ever imagined. I talked about this with Bill Nowicki a few weeks back on Episode 18 of SUBMARINE SEA STORIES, so if you haven’t heard that part of my life, you can still get it online (WARNING: Adult content and language). In so many ways I owe the Navy a debt I can never repay. The truth is that if I hadn’t been in the Navy, I wouldn’t be here today. So not only is it the Navy’s birthday (1775), it’s also my own anniversary with my life long passion, the United States Navy.

Yes, a nurse who treated Mr. Duncan now has contracted the Ebola from him. I told you that this would happen. At the same time, traffic deaths in Texas – where the nurse is – HAVE INCREASED BY 8%. Now, these deaths could be because of fracking, but the truth is that they were caused by the same thing that got the nurse the Ebola – NOT STRICTLY FOLLOWING SAFETY PROTOCOLS. But don’t look for any panic over the traffic deaths, the only complaint you’ll find is from groups like NPR that oppose fracking.

SecState John F. Kerry has called for you and I, along with all our our other fellow tax paying citizens to fork over another $212 MILLION TO REBUILD GAZA. So, as I read this, we hand over $212 Million to a known terrorist organization to dig new tunnels and buy new rockets until our Ally goes in and knocks it all down again and then we blame Israel for being “aggressive.” How about we just keep our $212 Million and encourage Gaza to join the rest of the civilized world in NOT shooting rockets at people because their version of the Deity “told them to?”

A British hostage has penned a propaganda piece which ISIL HAS PUBLISHED IN THEIR MAGAZINE (yep, they have one), in which he chats up the Countries fighting against the ISIL nutbags for being the reason that his fellow journalists have been killed.

Among the various ballot measures around the area is OAKDALE’S MEASURE Y, which is an attempt to extend a “temporary tax” (Measure O – 2011) by another 5 years. Just some things to keep in mind: (a) there is NO SUCH THING as a “temporary tax” (b) there is no such thing as a “Citizens Oversight Committee” and (c) No never means no. The fact is that the State Legislature is already looking at extending the Prop 30 tax. The insatiable appetite of Government for your money will never be satisfied.

*What was once Recruit Training Center San Diego is now a Fire Fighting training facility.


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